You play as Dark who is a Predator Elite with an interesting story (compared to most Predators anyway) The gameplay uses the first-person engine. You have five different weapons: wrist blades, plasma caster, proximity mines, smartdisc and combi-stick. With the wrist blades you have 2 different attacks, the quick light attack which can break heavy attacks and be blocked and the heavy attack which can brake blocks and cause alot of damage. Wrist blades can also be used to block light attacks. The plasma caster is a shoulder-mounted fire-arm which can cripple enimies when not charged and kill when fully charged. Proximity mines are useless. You deploy on a certain area and detonate it when an enemy walks by killing them. It's much more fun to use melee than use mines. Both the mines and plasma caster use energy which can be refilled at certain power sources around the map. The combi-stick and smart disk cause alot of damage and they both come back to you. YAYYYYYYYYYYY! The smart disc can be thrown and cripple multiple enemies at a time and will eventually kill them if you throw it at them enough times. The combi-stick is like a Predators sniper. It is long-ranged and dead accurate though it is hard to aim and cannot be used as a melee weapon which sucks. Why have a spear-like weapon that can be thrown but cannot be used for melee?!!! You also have trophy kills where you rip off the victim's head and spine to add to your mission score.


What happens when an alien and marine charge at me? They're both dead.

You also have stealth kills which are actually quite noisy. Stupid stealth kills!!! You can cloke yourself to make yourself invisible from humans at afar distance though automatic turrets and aliens can detect you. Also if you are clumsy and aggressive you will be detected. The main key is stealth. You mostly fight humans which put up a good fight. They shoot you with their guns which is quite effective. Though you can heal yourself with health shards but again, it is noisy and can cause you to be caught by humans. They can be lured to certain areas with distactions and then you kill them using stealth. The aliens are more easier. Though they can block, use heavy attacks and light attacks. Just keep blocking and countering their attacks and you'll be fine.



All the detail and texture is there it's just some jaggies need to be fixed up.



Just look up these links i'm not giving spoilers:


Aliens vs Predator (2010 video game) Predator plot



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