Hey!!  So, I am writing a script for Aliens Vs. Predator 3: Ascension, and I want to know if anybody out there has any cool ideas or suggestions that they want to share with me.  I might even put it in my script!  When I get done with it, I'm gonna send it in to 20th Century Fox and see if they'll produce it!  Hopefully they will, but there's news about an Aliens Vs. Predator 3 already coming out, so... below are some cool ideas I had that I'm including in my script.  Check them out- I think they're pretty cool.

THE  CRUSHER                                                                                                                                                                  

In my movie, in the scene where all the aliens escape, the Xenomorph Crusher stars in it.  And, much like in Aliens or Aliens: Colonial Marines, they use a power loader to fight and eventually kill it.  It was quick, only about half the scene, but it would be cool to atleast see a new breed of alien like the Crusher or Praetorian.


Sadly, my movie doesn't take place in space or involve LV-426, sorry.  I would have done a cool futuristic setting with a story like that, but now that Prometheus has come out, I don't know if I could've done a story like that any more.  I mean, Prometheus 2: Paradise is scheduled to come out in 2015.  But for now, my movie takes place in the very first Weyland-Yutani building in St. Cloud, Minnesota. :P


My movie does have a Xenomorph Queen in it, the same kind of regular queen from Aliens and AVP (not Alien Resurrection because that one wasn't completely normal).  Except for one thing- SHE'S A CLONE!  You see, Ms. Yutani learned about the "encounter" in the pyramid on 10/10/2004.  So, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation heads to Antarctica, where they haul out the dead queen's body, still attached to the water tower, out of the freezing water (my idea was that the water tower was decaying, so when they hauled her out the chain snapped and the water tower fell back in the water).  Then, they take a skin sample from the partially-decaying queen, take it back to Weyland-Yutani HQ, and use the piece of skin to clone a magnificent Xenomorph queen (they have a cloning device that can clone humans now, too).


You can't have an Aliens Vs. Predator movie without a predator!  In my script, the predator on the predator ship realizes there are Xenos on Earth where they shouldn't be - St. Cloud, Minnesota!  So, he heads off on a small space ship (like in Aliens Vs. Predator the game, 2010) and lands by the Wey-Yu building.  He makes it in, and you soon find out he is trying to protect Alexa Woods, the hero from the first movie, because she is honored by the predators for what she did in AVP.  He's still the hunter we all know and love, though.  He has the plasma cannon, shurikens, wrist blades, a mask, can cloak, and, one that I added, a transporter!  I also made it so he finds the weapons from AVP-R the Yutani Corporation had and uses it as his own weapons.


It may be called Aliens Vs. Predator, but you still can't have a movie like that without humans!  In my movie, there are marines.  My original theme for it (like in Alien it was "in space nobody can hear you scream" or in AVP it was "whoever wins...we lose") was "this time it's war- all over again", because in Aliens it was "this time it's war".  Then again in AVP-R it was "in space nobody can hear you scream- on Earth it won't matter".  Anyway, there are marines.  There are also a lot of scientists.  And the people Weyland-Yutani invited.  The one you all know is Alexa Woods.  You know how she was all sweet in the first movie?  Well not this time.


My script is still a work in progress, so there are two ideas for this part:

1. Getting closer and closer to the end of the movie, Alexa, Ms. Yutani, and a hanful of other people escape the Weyland- Yutani building and set it to self destruct, eventually causing it to explode and kill remaining aliens, the queen, facehuggers, and any forgotten survivors.  They are then flying to the marine base on a plane.  Just before, Alexa had to run out to the nearly- destroyed jeep and grab her backpack containing all her valuables, and a secret sto-away royal/praetorian facehugger!  Then the queen sent multiple aliens to jump on and attack the plane, with the predator following.  There's then a huge arial scene where they shake off all the aliens that soon fall to their deaths.  They then reach marine base.  When at marine base, they don't realize the royal facehugger's in there until a marine opens her bag and it leaps on his face!  Later, out comes the chestburster, which turns into a praetorian.  The final battle is between the predator that also stoawayed on the plane by hiding in the cargo hold and the praetorian, and Alexa might have piched in a little, too.

2. After Alexa grabbed her bag (that DOES NOT contain a royal facehugger), she ran on the ship.  The arial scene takes place but one alien stays on and also stoaways on the plane.  When they reach marine base, it runs away into the building.  It then goes and turns into a praetorian, that then runs wild through the building killing multiple people.  It then leads to the ending scene of predator vs. praetorian.

So, that's a handfull of ideas I'm already including in my script.  I hope you like them!  Now remember- give me some good ideas and suggestions!  But you need to make it fast- I'm already on Scene 15: Evacuation and there are 20 Scenes.  I might say more on another blog post.  Okay, LATER!!