Hellooooo!!  So I just happen to be writing a cool new fan-fiction called AVP War, and yes, I do realize that is already the name of an AVP comic series, I'll probably change the name later.  So here's this:


The plot of my new fan-fiction is that humans are living on a planet called LV- 629 also called "Red" because of the many volcanoes and red rocky terrain.  There is a colony on the edge of a massive jungle called- go figure- Jungle's Edge.  This planet is Weyland-Yutani's new base, and they run the colony through a huge research laboratory (much like Aliens Vs. Predator 2010).  Previously on LV- 324 there was a Xeno infestation.  Nobody is sure what started it or how it happened, but the government and Weyland-Yutani don't want anybody to know about it or remember it.  During the infestation, a lone Yautja appeared to fight the Xenos and take care of the infestation.  Surprisingly, Weyland-Yutani captured the Predator and took it to LV- 629's research lab along with captured facehuggers and aliens.  So now, secretly, they're doing tests on the Xenos and Yautja that they named- also go figure- Hunter.  So far, no colonists except for the Weyland-Yutani personnel that have been in the lab know what's going on in that building. 

Now then:

There's a young boy about in his twenties named Timothy or just Tim who's Dad works for the maintenence of Weyland-Yutani.  When his Dad went to work for just another regular day, instead of him coming home they got a letter.  It said he died during work from being electricuted.  But Tim realized that at the top of the letter it said "The Weyland-Yutani Research Laboratroy" instead of "The Weyalnd-Yutani Maintenance Building".  Tim got suspicious and he and his girlfriend, Maria, break into the research lab secretly.  They soon find out that Tim's Dad is there and they're using him to produce aliens!  Tim witnesses as the chestburster bursts through his Dad's chest and kills him.  Tim is forced along with Maria to never tell a word about this to anyone by the Weyland-Yutani personnel.  They agree.  Eventually, the Weyalnd-Yutani scientists conduct an experiment to see what happens if they put that alien and a facehugger together in the same room.  Now the facehugger they have now has been in a canister ever since they got to LV- 629, and it's almost dead because it hasn't implanted anything yet- and it needs to.  Badly.  As soon as the scientist opens the canister in the room, the facehugger leaps on the alien's face.  Now Weyalnd-Yutani never expected this to happen.  So they keep the now impregnated alien around for research.  The chestburster is a terrifying Xenomorph with Spikes, like a queen two sets of arms, a three-bladed tail, and more.  It's name is Spike.  Now Spike is highly intelligant and breaks out along with the rest of the aliens, causing Hunter to follow.  They start a hive in Jungle's Edge and Spike turns into a strange but incredibly smart Queen.  Eggs are layed.  Facehuggers come to life.  Chestbursters are born.  A full-blown alien infestation has started, and only Tim and Maria with the help of someone else can stop it...


Spike the alien-spawned-alien has an exra-long dome with spikes on it, extra long and sharp teeth, and an extra long tongue.  He has six blades on his back instead of dorsal tubes, an extra long tail with three sharp blades on the end instead of one, and a small set of arms infront of the regular set, too.  Instead of a dark grey or black color, Spike is a more greenish color, but he has a red head, red arms and legs, and the end of his tail is red.  He can also turn into a queen, and he is highly intelligant.  He is an extremely important part of my story.


Hunter is the predator in my story.  He was captured by Weyland-Yutani and imprisoned in a cell secretly in the research lab on LV- 629.  His armor was taken away from him so they can study him more.  When he breaks out, he runs into the Yautja weapons room and takes whatever they got, so he is nearly invincible with all these weapons and all that armor.  He later teams up with Timothy and Maria to destroy the Xenomorph menace on LV-629.

My fan-fiction is still a big work in progress.  I will add on more and more to this page as make progress in the story.  So be sure to check in to this blog to see if anything has changed!  Wish me luck!  Good-bye.[1]