Update: I added 2 more questions and took away another ever since I posted this blog. :)

Okay, so there are some questions that I've been wondering about lately:

1. Since Chet the predalien was a "young queen", A.K.A. a praetorian, that would mean that the facehugger that impregnated Scar was also a QF, (incase you didn't realize by now queen facehuggers look identical to regular facehuggers in the movies except for the special edition of Alien 3) so it's the same thing with the runner question: what would a regular predalien look like; if they really exist?  What do you think?

2. What are the origins of the Raven from Aliens: Colonial Marines?  Is it some janked up praetorian?  Is it a crossbreed?  Was it the result of a facehugger + a diseased human?  What do you think?

3. Here's a good question: Prometheus?  There are soooo many questions I have about Prometheus; I don't even know where to start.  The deacon; the planet; the engineer; the trilobite; the derelict; a relationship with Alien.  These are just a few of my many Prometheus questions.

4. How did predators come to hunt humans?

5. Who came up with the name Yautja?  Is it completely fan-based?  Or did 20th Century Fox come up with it like the name Xenomorph?  I haven't heard it in any of the movies or games. (I actually only own Aliens Vs. Predator for PS3, Aliens: Colonial Marines of PS3, Aliens Vs. Predator: Extinction for PS2 but it doesn't work anymore, and Aliens Vs. Predator- Requiem for PSP)

6. Are there special editions/director's cuts or unrated versions for the Predator films?  Are there unrated versions of the Alien films?  Are there special editions/director's cuts of the AVP films?

These are just a few of my many questions about Alien, Predator, AVP, Prometheus, ect.)  But here's my final question:

What do you think?