Hey guys.  This blog is about future Alien, Predator, and Prometheus movies that may or may not be coming out and my thoughts about them.

Prometheus 2: Paradise

Paradise is supposed to come out in 2015 and be the sequel to Prometheus.  I am honestly excited about this film because I want to see what they'll do to tie it in with Alien... IF they're tieing it in with Alien.  It will probably feature Elizabeth Shaw and David, as well as the deacon and maybe some engineers.  I hope it's good...

Aliens vs. Predator 3

I am REALLY excited about this film.  It is most likely coming out but right now it's all just rumors.  Remember I'm gonna try to send in my script soon and see if they'll make it... Aliens Vs. Predator 3: Ascension would be amazing on the big screen...

But anyway I wish that the third AVP will be good... the first two were to me...

Predators 2

Predators 2 will most likely come out... I sure hope it does... Predators didn't feel complete to me... and I know that it wasn't supposed to feel complete... because they planned on a sequel... right?

The sequel should make the classic predators rise up against the super predators and start a full out war... now THAT would be an action movie.

Alien 5

I don't want this movie to come out.  If it does come out, it will definetly be interesting.  There's not much to work with now that Ripley 8, Call, Vriess, and Johner are back on Earth.  All the Xenomorphs are dead.  I guess we'd just have to rely on Weyland-Yutani to come up with some scheme to bring them back.  Again, this movie would definetly be interesting.

Prometheus 3

This movie is a possibility.  If Paradise ends like the first Prometheus did, then they'd either have to leave us with a cliffhanger, or make this movie.

Aliens Vs. Predator 4

Most likely no.  With so many dislikes already with the first two, this movie is almost a definite NO.

Predators 3

Maybe.  Who knows?  We still don't know if they'll make it off the planet in the second film, IF there's a second film.  Predators 3 would be interesting.

Alien 6


Prometheus 4, Aliens Vs. Predator 5, Predators 4, Alien 7

I will explode if these movies come out.  The one that for sure would NEVER come out is Alien 7.  The one that may come out but I highly dought it is Prometheus 4.  The franchises should be done at 3, 4, or maybe even 5.  Unless it's a full out saga.