Hello out there.  I just got done reading the comic series Aliens/Predator: The Deadliest of the Species.  I read through all of them, except #8, which I don't know if I forgot it or what.  These are my thoughts and questions about the series, I hope I get some answers.


I'd rate the story a 6 or 7 outta 10.  It was kinda confusing for me... I couldn't tell when Caryn was dreaming or when it was real... if it was one of TOY's "scenarios" or not... who's alive and who's dead... so it's pretty confusing.  And if you ask me, it could've used some more alien and less predator.  I like the idea of a girl predator, but they didn't make it look like a girl.  It just looked like one of your classic predators.  The human/predator alliance was kinda cute, but human/alien?  Aaahhhh... I'd say no.  And what's with those white alien hybrids?  I mean they're cute, but...
Aliens vs Predator - Deadliest of the Species - hybrid king

The "Hybrid" king

The changes of Caryn throughout the books... kinda weird.  I mean when she changed her skin?  W-e-i-r-d....


1. What's with Ash Parnall?

2. After Caryn died, who was it with TOY?  Was it her... soul?

3. Did Caryn turn into Ash Parnall?

4. Did Caryn (predator version) actually kill Caryn (trophy wife version)?

5. How did Caryn turn bald?

6. How did Caryn get her hair back?

7. Why are Maria and Tomas after Big Mama?

Can SOMEBODY tell me the answers?????