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A Quiz!

AVP3 August 13, 2013 User blog:AVP3

*I added on a lot more questions- originally there was only 1-5*

Okay, so just for fun I'm making a quiz.  There's not that many- if any- on this wiki, so try your best!

1. The names of the Yautja from AVP (film)

2. Who played Call from Alien Resurrection (film)?

3. Where did the film Aliens Vs. Predator-Requiem take place at?

4. What bug did the predator inspect in the film Predator?

5. The name of the colony from the film Aliens & the game Aliens: Colonial Marines

6. In Alien3 (film), Bishop 2 was a...

7.  In the film Predators, how many Super Preds were there?

8. AVP (film) was directed by who?

9. In the film Prometheus, what are the mutated worms called?

10. The name of the dropped alien from Predators (film)

11. In the film Predator 2, what phrase did the predator copy from the little boy?

12. Alien (film) featured a cat named...

Hope you got them all! 

All answers are on my talk page. :)

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