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Here you can find all the theories about xenomorphs.Theories are: Gender theories, Dorssal tube purpose, drone/warrior difference and others.All theroies could make sense, so the ones that don't are not present in this article.

Drone=Warrior or Drone & Warrior theoriesEdit

Reason for making of these theories is the alien designs throughout the movies, the problematic two-the drone and the warrior- never appeared in the same movie, which is the makers of the movies fault.

Extra-maturity theoryEdit

This theory implies that warriors are mature drones. Which is possible because both castes are male, but it is yet to be confirmed that warriors are male, more in Gender theories.

Drone & Warrior co-existenceEdit

This theory says that drones and warriors could co-exist in the hive, though they might not be seen together in the hive, but as the previous theory implies, they could just mature quickly and turn to warriors.

Gender theory(Drone/Warrior special)Edit

This one changes some facts and makes drones female and warriors male, and this one is supported because in a comic Aliens: Earth war, a drone became a Queen Mother without using royal jelly.

Dorssal tubes theoriesEdit

These are describing the purpose of dorssal tubes, the spikey thingies on their back, usually the xenomorph warriors got four.

Lung theoryEdit

It is thought that dorssal tubes are used as lungs, only it couldn't apply to all xenomorphs like runners, they don't have them, unless they maybe have real lungs placed inside the ribcage. one other problem with this theroy is the fact that we don't know if the tubes are hollow or not.

Gill theoryEdit

It is thought that the aliens use gills. But they can't be just for respiration because the Runner in Alien 3 lacked this structures.And it wouldn't make sense that runners lose that ability when gestating in a dog.

Sensor theoryEdit

Some believe that those are vibration sensors, working similair in ones at snakes.In a comic, xenomorphs dug themselves in to the ground with dorssal tubes sticking out, but maybe xenomorphs don't realise that they didn't dug those in.

Sneak attack defense theoryEdit

And yet some believe these could be used as a defensive mechanism, to prevent sneak attacks, and it's known that xenomorphs have a homeplanet probably with an equalised ecosystem, wich means that there were other creatures who hunted xenomorphs.

Carrier theoryEdit

Some think that dorsal tubes are used for carrying Facehuggers and Chestbusters, probably when hive needs to expand. This would make a great deal of sense, as everytime Six harvests a colonist, a Facehugger comes out of nowhere, likely instead it crawles out of Six's tubes.

Gender theoriesEdit

Here are some probable answers about their gender affiliation.

Double gender theoryEdit

It could be possible that no matter what caste or variant, xenomorphs have unique gender which is either male or female.

Hermaphrodite theoryEdit

Some believe that no matter what caste or variant, xenomorphs are belonging to both genders, a good proof is the newest AVP game, Specimen 6 who's a warrior turns into a queen.

Asexuality/Hormone theoryEdit

Maybe xenomorphs don't really have genders, maybe if they turn to a queen or a queen mother, they do it using hormones who change them.Maybe royal jelly has hormones that could do it or if there is no queen present, individual aliens turn to praetorians, because they were stimulated by queens misspresence, making their body make hormones to change them.

Unique Gender and Cast Differentiation TheoryEdit

Immature Xenomorph are genderless. If Aliens are based in real life creatures this could be true,since in eusocial insects like ants, wasps and bees (Hymenoptera) and termites (Isoptera) are all female (however some Termites have rare male soldiers). In most eusocial hives there is only one fertile cast and most of the workers are sterile and cannot molt into a reproductive cast (it's like a worker molting into a Queen in Aliens world). In eusocial insects, very well fed unmolted larvae/nymphs usually molt to Soldiers (wich are bigger and stronger) and larvae fed with specialy rich food with high doses of hormones, like royal jelly, molt into reproductive casts (so the differentiation MUST happen in immature stages (i.e Egg or Chestburster) so it's very unlikly that a Worker would turn into a Queen wich is a reproductive cast. This hormone regulation is induced by the Queen still in the egg stage.

BUT, there is always a but isn't it? There is possibility that Drones (wich are not actually drones, because drones are reproductive casts) may be able to do a reverse metamorphosis (seen only in primitive termite species) into a Post-Chestburster like stage, like the one seen in Alien3, and then molt into a Queen. But no Adults molting into Queens. But this is unlikely since the Linguafoeda archeronsis is an highly evolve beeing and there is a big gap between the chestburster and the adult stage in both shape and size.

The existence of Praetorians, Praetorians (or Royal Guards) have been shown to be some kind of elite, wich function is to protect the Queen, and most of the information comes from AvP games. Known facts are:

  • Praetorian have crown shaped heads like Queens.
  • Praetorians are expelled from the hive before reaching maturity.
  • Praetorians are encountered within the proximity of a Queen

My theory is that Praetorians are immature or unnable to mature Queens, that also work as mates. It is thought that royal jelly produced by Queens to promote other Queens, but i think it's the oposite.

It has been shown that Royal Jelly induces an extreme addictiveness to humans and makes them hyperactive but also tame for the ones wich provides them this jelly. I think that this kind of Jelly induces the same adictiveness in the Praetorians guarding the Queen making them protect her until they're last breath (if they even breathe) this same jelly has also potent hormones that unables them to mature into Queens.

So why do the hive reacts violently towards them and they're expelled from the hive before reaching maturity? To diverse the Genetic Pool.

I don't even know if Xenomorph use DNA has we know it they can even use a triple helix or no helix at all, but mutations seem to ocur often. In real life when you interbreed animals of the same family to often usually bad mutations ocur (you can see that in the stupid breeds of dog found today). To avoid this the Alien Queen shall seek a diferent mate from a diferent hive so she sends they're Royal Guards away and accepts different Praetorian from other hives.

So this means that Praetorian start they're lives has males and when they reach maturity they change into females. This often happens to fish and reptiles in the natural world.

Hormones in hosts may also influence the cast in the xenomorph. High leves of estrogen may induce a reverse process and create a Queen Chestburster (wich is actualy male Praetorian) that's why chestburster in Ripley was a Queen (for the ones wich don't consider the Queen Facehugger cannon). In Avp the facehugger impregnated a female and the result was a genderless Warrior Xenomorph this may be due to the fact that the female had a manly appearence lacking high estrogen like the females in AVP-R wich were pregnant and had a high progesterone level instead of estrogen, creating a lot of Warrior type Xenomorphs.

My xeno lifecylce theory.Edit

I think the alien life cycle goes like this:

  1. queen ( final stage adult)
  2. egg
  3. facehugger
  4. chestburster
  5. first stage adult (drone)
  6. second stage adult (warrior)
  7. third stage adult ( preatorian)
  8. final stage adult (queen)

This can be back up by the book called H.R. Giger's Alien. In this book it states that there are only three satges in an aliens life; egg + facehugger, chesburster, and adult and that all overs are simply different lpoints in time of the adult stage.

As H.R.Giger is the creator of the creatures so what ever he thought on how the aliens lived out their lives it must be so. He says that the "queen" is the final stage in a xenomorph life cycle, in which case alll xenos can become them. However there is a royal face hugger which carries chestbursters. This is probably the prefered way to start a hive, and all other ways are simply adaptations to ensure the continuation of their race. As if all the "pureborn" queens are dead then the species would eventually die out wouldn't it??? the aliens have obviously evolved past the limits of earth's castes systems.

The reason why not all adult aliens ( drone/ warrior/ what ever you want to call them) become queens as it would cause hive warfare for dominance. The presance of one controling factor means that all aliens are equal under the queens control. if there were two queens then the queens would fight with each other for control of the hive mind, and it would be pointless.

Remember aliens aren't human or even from Earth. They dont follow our rules of evolution or society. In the alien hive The queen is in control. However aliens must contue to evolve as all living lifeforms do, to overcome obsticles and gentic weaknessess. Hence the reason for "speciemen 6 and Grid" they are examples of xenomorphs with enhanced capibilities. In the novalisation of AVP Grid is refered to as an "Alpha" alien. This probably means that if the queen dies this alien will take command and become the new queen. there may be several "Alphas" in one hive. This would mean that if the existing queen is killed then the others would fight for dominance as only the strongest smartest xeno's are fit for the royal role. In situations where there is only one Alpha then obviusly that alpha is more smarter and stronger than all other aliens and so shall molt into a queen. If there is only one alien( in speciemen 6's case where she is brought onto a ship orbiting the planet ) then it is the smartest strongest alien and shall molt into a queen.

This is the most likely explantion for the different ways to become a queen shown in the avp universe. As if there is only one alien , the species's natrul instict is,to continue the species so it has to become a queen to do this effectively. J.deexeno 23:37, November 8, 2010 (UTC)

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