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April 16, 2008

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Hola! My name is Vampyrum Spectrum08 and I'm a regular user, but I try to keep articles big. It's killing me trying to keep AVP Wiki nice and big, but sometimes I'm not on AVP Wiki, but on Silverpedia, Tremors Wiki, or Wikizilla. On Tremors Wiki and Silverpedia, I'm an administrator, which means I have a few special things I can do on those wikis, such as delete pages and block users. But, on June 23 I was granted administrator powers.

History Edit

I found and logged in on Wikizilla as "Vampyrum Spectrum08". I then made my page on Halopedia (don't visit that much), then on April 26, 2008, I requested Silverpedia and it was made, then on the same day I requested Tremors Wiki. Tremors Wiki was made, and I requested Silverwing Fanon Wiki, though it was never made. I made my user page on Silverpedia, then made mine on AVP Wiki. I started to make Silverpedia, which is my main wiki, and Tremors Wiki, which I don't visit that much like Halopedia.

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