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About meEdit

I've been an Aliens fan for many years and also have some interest in Predator and AVP. I'm more then willing to hear suggestions and willing to help out where I can with other users. I'm also a bit of a comic book dork so if you don't find me working on the Alien related movies (most of the time) Ill be working on the comics and novels area!

Articles that I helped getting in decent shapeEdit

To-do List for XenopediaEdit

As an admin, I would like to see this wiki improved and expanded to be the DEFINITIVE Aliens, Predator and AVP wiki. Here's a list of stuff I really want to get done! Feel free to help out!

Movies & Actors PagesEdit

  • Several of these articles appear to be copied and pasted over from wikipedia and need to be reworked. Also several of these articles could benefit from actor infoboxes as well.

Building up Novels and ComicsEdit

  • These articles are some of the most underdeveloped/neglected articles out there. There is so much potential in these articles as well as the character articles related to the media.

Article Doubles and SourcingEdit

  • This is something I feel really plagues this wiki. If you happen to come across an article doubles feel free to merge/ redirect the article to the larger, cleaner version of the article. Note: Please check for an article before creating one. We've been working on cutting down on doubles for some time now
  • We need to get alot of articles sourced around here and cut out the fanon and specualtion. If you are interested in Alien fanon talk to CadiumX99 and Nightmare76. These two are very helpfull and Admins on the Alien Fanon Wiki!

Possible Improvement DrivesEdit

  • This is something I think would benefit the comunity on having some focused edit drives with a few editors that would like to step up to the plate. For more details check out my Improvement Drive blog!

My favorite pagesEdit

  • Add links to your favorite pages on the wiki here!
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