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May 31, 2010
Ever since i
876686-predator3 large-1-
was 9 i have been obsessed with Alien and predator. They rule over every other sci-fi icons.
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Whoever wins... we lose

No matter how many battles end between these two horrific legends, the war will always rage on.

Their war, their conflict, our downfall.

For the Predators; the hunt is on.

For the Aliens; the hive will grow.


Hunter,Survivor, Prey.


the hunt is on

Which will you be?
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The first Kick ass Yautja ever on screen has returned for 2010!

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Will their war ever end. I HOPE NOT!

Predalien roar

I will not bow!


Look into my eyes before I take your life

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This season grows hot!

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You can't see me but i can see you

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The Darkness will consume you

245e1 Predator

You dare confront something like me


Could this be the Berserker/Mr. Black

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