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Hey this is J1138776948. Most people call me J11, though. This name is my Xbox Live profile. I used these assortment of numbers because most people use up the good names. Anyways, I am helping build this wiki by adding characters, orginazations, and the like. I also overview pages to check and see if the punctuation and grammar is correct in this wiki. It is my goal to help people understand the AVP universe and appreciate the creatures better. If you need anything from me, leave it on my talk page. I am also an extreme Predator fan and love every movie except AVP: Requiem. I also own two Predator games, Predator: Concrete Jungle and AVP 3, and enjoy the information they provide on the ever expanding AVP universe.

Robocop vs predatorEdit

This was going to be a fan film by a Rotten Tomato user called AMDS (Or Youtoube user murphy 38) but was, somewhere along the line, cancelled. In a brief scene of the movie (Before its cancellation) there was a squad of SWAT personnel in a seemingly abandoned building. The Predator arrives and defeats all of the squad except two members. The hunter takes one of the soldiers and somehow inserts a chip into his head causing him to be programmed to do the Predator's bidding. The hunter types on his wrist computer causing the soldier to fight the one alive. Several minutes later, the fight ends with the normal soldier defeating the programmed soldier by breaking his neck. The soldier stands there a few moments with the Predator behind him and the scene ends. Note: This is a fan film so it shouldn't be regarded as AVP canon

Robocop vs predator

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