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October 26, 2009

my Sandbox

ok this is a terrrible layout design i have its a bit mindless right now but i hope to form something of it

my take on whats is and is too come with 200thcentury weyland has to offer us; gotta say its a griping sci/fi drama

we could call this the

Continuity theory


PREDATOR I little known about this hostile alien except for Duch and that  and his encounter and anyone he tells... 

AVP  (we find the aliens but little survives save one strong independent black woman weyland company semi revealed )

AVP:R (whoopz who didnt run the bioscanner to see if he was infected well guess we predators arent so perfect after all. humans actually recover some weapons and intel weyland-yutani )

PREDATOR II keys had the chance to study them do we know who he was directly working with/for?

ALIEN (weyland in its techbological evolution combs space for more alien activity to get and it finaly finds some. the SpaceJockey i 'd like to think it might be a predator designed ship to go off and infect a planet wich it suceeded and probably began sending beacons that the specimens had been collected and awaited pickup or as a storage spot for embryo's like a freezer; thanx to ripley's instinct that this thing is a bad mamerjammer and we arent ready for it as a species but they still got valuable info out of the ordeal and i get to see ripley almost nekid meso horny, weaver

ALIENS ( Mmm lets gather more intel with marines and camera's and synthetics humans to make heads or tails out of whats going on and where the fudge the cheese it)

ALIENS3 (poor ripley and the deceit she truely is humane the pinnacle of humanity does probably what the predators wouldve wanted,its theirs after all?

ALIENS RESURECTION (humans have advanced so far as to be able to recreate organisms, as always with this highly evolved strain of hunter hardmeat prey genes accidents when we handle it are a given, dont touch that stove! its hot!  test gennectic reconstituted DNA specimen growth #8 survives to go to what looks like an aleady half destroyed planet cmon guys treat home nice!? eh but i guess now that space is open we have to learn to adapt to planet hopping like albiet the predators already do) are we humans preparing to take the thrown of the universe or will a truce be made between us and the predators?

what happens when you cross ALIENS franchise with PREDATOR? <they have been the newest ones i doubt they name any newones alien somethin who knows but i call this my gut feeling stay the course or possibly aything depending on the focus of the story like a straight new predator movie focusing on the origins of the Predator csste dubed something like PREDATOR:Origins 

ALIEN5 =/= AVP3 => AVP:Evolution tells the whole story up to now and paints the whole picture to a fuller perspective on wtf is going on like so manny good griping stories must have to make them interested on what happens next

probably within the next 5/ten year period we will see 2 new AVP's come out ? hows dat sound!?! see a 10pk movie series pop up or maybe another prequel er.. you see its tough to say i'd like to think i know what will become of it

involving subject like:  bio-engineering;hibridization(aliens/machines/humans/predators); i wanna see lots of new "fringe" technology (telepathy;bioengineered biochemical plants(<--personal fav idea something like hexa-mitrygaine-salvia-cannabi producing plant er equally as cool )/organism and simiiar cross breedings of -ologies  ;  a lot of things that are around today but at rapidly advanced stages this way it makes it damn similair to life but still sci/fi

ripley now has to deal with being re-encarnated and the internal battle she now faces with this organism (does she produce offspring? does weyland yutani know of her existence? little does she know that the govt is in weylands pocket like we knew from AVP1/2 they probably are the real worlds aluminati that guide is growth through these secrets kept about alien) maybee the queen monarchy trait is a common evolutionary trackmost species or what we can define as species are yes i would consider a group of "like thinking" humans are their own spiecies/hiearchy maybe because we are a semi fast learning species we where chosen?

harmanz use stolen tech but alien largely unknown to human (predators where good at hiding their tech like startreks prime directive from us sheeple but we evolve from being exposed to the predators  alien's true purpose was a self mutating biollogical killing machine homebrew project the predators cooked up cause the're cocky gun toting african safari hunters wanting ever stronger prey to live up to the hunt

slow times, where pickinz for hard strong prey became difficult and like any warrior it craves a challenge thats in their evolutionary instinct to fight and kill and or control wich is the real evil that shows up in so many of the stories) they created a organism that evolves at extreme rates on its own(why splice it manually each time? self profection ) where upon being released on "seed" planets to hybridize the best aspects of the host species genes,  (check out this sweet hybridized di-cannab-indica)... Cause what happens when two or say three resource needy/destructive/Agressive/highly territorial biotic-factions fight for dominance organism,  cause the list for alien genetic strength are far too large but their lifespan is a bit short the bloom like a virus and hibernation when no "tough" prey are around they go dormant but the seeds.... the seeds... they stay to recreate a new stronger alien to absorb and perfect its mass stores of traits waiting to bloom given the right environment, we only see the human environment like ones no other mutations with strange other organisms maybe the predators have mass stocks of varients withwich to cross breed to more adapt to newer and newer hosts, hell maybe they have a virus of it aswell inject into a host manually

ok wow that was a lot of thoughts all jumbled together i really love this story and i know a lot of others do too  cant wait to see what becomes of it

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