"His chute didn't open."
Royce, regarding the soldier (from Predators)

An unnamed soldier was among the people dropped on the Game Preserve Planet in 2010 by the Super Predators to be hunted by the Yautja at the same time as Royce, although his parachute malfunctioned and consequently he fell to his death before the Hunt could even begin.


The soldier's corpse crashed to the jungle floor just in time to break up a heated argument between Royce and Cuchillo, who were on the verge of shooting each other. It's unclear if the soldier was conscious when he landed, as he did not cry out or scream — it is possible he was knocked unconscious or even killed as he fell through the canopy at terminal velocity. The discovery of a third person wearing the same type of parachute as Royce and Cuchillo (even if he was deceased) served to allay their suspicion of each other somewhat, and their confrontation came to a peaceful end.


  • It's amusing to note that the Yautja were technologically advanced enough to have mastered interstellar space flight, but still had technical difficulties with something like a parachute.
  • While little is known about the soldier's background, it is likely he was a member of the United States Army due to his pixel grey Army Combat Uniform fatigues.



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