"I know how to use this thing!"
―The commuter (from Predator 2)

An unnamed commuter was the target of harassment from a gang and their leader aboard the Los Angeles metro in 1997.


The commuter was on his way home from work when the subway gang confronted him in an attempt to extort money from him through fear. The commuter pretended to cooperate, only to draw a revolver from his briefcase. The gang responded by drawing their own weapons and snatching away the commuter's pistol, but when several other passengers on the train also armed themselves, and detectives Jerry Lambert and Leona Cantrell joined the confrontation, a stand-off ensued. Before Jerry and Leona could calm the situation down, the City Hunter burst onto the train and began to slaughter anyone who resisted.

While the commuter, having had his gun taken away by the gang members, was spared by the Predator, he was killed by a stray bullet fired by another armed passenger as he tried to flee the scene.


When confronted by the gang on the subway, the commuter pulled a snub-nosed Smith & Wesson Model 66 from his briefcase.



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