An unnamed Colombian Scorpions member was a member of the Colombian Scorpions drug cartel in Los Angeles in 1997.


The unnamed Colombian was part of a group led by El Scorpio that shot two LAPD motorcycle cops who stumbled upon a drug deal they were making. The incident led to a brutal shootout out on the city streets between the Colombians and the police, during which several officers were killed. When detective Mike Harrigan arrived and engaged the Colombians, El Scorpio, the unnamed Colombian and several other surviving gang members retreated inside their stronghold to prepare for the LAPD's assault, only to be ambushed by the City Hunter. The unnamed Colombian was quickly overpowered and killed, the wound on his body suggesting he was slain by a single shot from the Predator's Plasmacaster to the chest.


The Colombian was armed with a Heckler & Koch G3A3 whilst engaging the LAPD in the street. When he fell back into the gang's stronghold, he retrieved a Barrett M82 .50 caliber sniper rifle, but was killed by the City Hunter before he had a chance to use it.


  • The actor who plays the gang member, Thomas Rosales, Jr., is a prolific Hispanic professional stuntman who has appeared in over one hundred and fifty movies, including Commando, The Running Man and Collateral Damage, all of which starred Predator lead Arnold Schwarzenegger.



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