The Upgraded Predator[3] or Ultimate Predator[2] is one of the antagonists in The Predator.



The Hybrid.

The Upgraded Predator is far larger and stronger than a standard Yautja. It is revealed that it isn't natural; it has taken DNA from other dangerous creatures and used it to alter it's genetics, enhancing its size and strength. It dwarfs the average hunter by 4 feet and outweighs it by 200-300 pounds. The Ultimate Predator has bulletproof exo-skeletal skin that can reflect gunfire at close range.[4] It can even shatter Wristblades that make forceful contact with its skin.[5]

Its biology may not be it's own doing, but the collaboration of several research-caste Yautja, explaining it's biology. Stargazer reveals that the Fugitive Predator had human DNA, meaning this is hybridizing is not unique to the Upgraded Predator.

In The Predator

The Upgraded Predator is the main rival of the Fugitive Predator. According to its translated dialogue, it is searching for something that the Fugitive knows the whereabouts of. Therefore it is hunting the Fugitive by extension. Turns out to be the "wrist computer" of the Fugitive's armor, and Rory McKenna, the boy who managed to operate it.

After finding and killing Fugitive, Upgrade begins following McKenna and the loonies, after witnessing their firefight with Stargazer, he tells them via a translater that he enjoyed watching them slaughter each other and will give them time advantage, which Casey tells the group that it means a "head start". The loonies and Stargazer team up to try and kill it but all but Quinn Mckenna, his son Rory and Casey are killed by it. Upgrade is eventually killed after sustaining numerous injurious from bullet wounds, knife wounds and explosions.

Hunting Gear



  • The Upgraded Predator is a purely CGI creation, though the actors that portrayed the Fugitive Predator were stand-ins on set.
  • While all previous Predators were plantigrades (feet resting on the palms) like humans, the Ultimate Predator is digitigrade (feet resting on the toes), even if that getup is impractical for heavy bipeds.
  • Despite never wearing a Bio-Mask, the Ultimate Predator is shown using optical features that should be impossible without one, it is possible that he possesses some never before seen implant version of the Bio-Mask.
  • Similar to Tracker, the Ultimate has hounds to assist him in the hunt.
  • The motivation behind Upgraded Predator's hybridization is questionable when taking into account established canon; the Yautja race's disdain towards Predalien caste of Xenomorphs showed that they frowned the practice of hybridization between their kind and other species. It is possible however, that Ultimate Predator came from a clan of Yautjas that condemned as Bad Blood for such act, as Shane Black explicitly stated him to be a cheater.


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