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"Here's the latest. Tyrargo is overrun with Aliens, and it's gonna be tough going."
―The Commander to Anderson (from Aliens versus Predator)
USS Tyrargo
Production information


Technical specifications

300 meters


50 m (164 ft)


85 m (280 ft)




The USS Tyrargo was a Conestoga-class troop transport ship in service with the United States Colonial Marine Corps. It was stationed above Acheron (LV-426) in 2189, and succumbed to a massive Xenomorph infestation that began at the research facility on the moon.


Private Anderson arrived on the ship after fleeing from the USS Odobenus orbital platform, only to find the Xenomorph infestation that had started at the Weyland-Yutani research facility on LV-426 had somehow spread to the Tyrargo as well. After fighting his way through the ship, killing a Predator, several Praetorians, a Predalien and a multitude of Warriors, Weyland-Yutani elected to leave Anderson to die on the Tyrargo, thanking him for his services. However, Anderson's commander opened an escape route for him, allowing him to flee to a large hangar at the bottom of the ship where he faced the Xenomorph Queen. After expelling the Queen into space, Anderson's fate (and that of the Tyrargo itself) is not known.


  • While the writing is indistinct, the Tyrargo appears to have the word "SULACO" written on its side. This is possibly a result of Rebellion recycling assets from a previous game.


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