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Biographical information

Young Blood/Bad Blood

Physical description




Hair color



Top-Knot's Clan (formerly) Exilee

Notable Facts

Red Armor


Most Likely Desceased

Two-Stripes was an Young Blood Yautja who travelled to a hunting world alongside Light-Stepper and Top-Knot.

Tools of the HuntEdit


Blood HuntEdit

Two-stripes was a young hunter who travelled to a hunting world to hunt the Xenomorph, which had been released onto the planet. Leading the hunting party was the Top-knot. Two-stripes and the group had been trudging across the planet for two days, and he began to suspect that Top-knot had lost the trail. Then a younger hunter, Light-stepper, discovered a carcass with a ruptured chest within the foliage. Two-stripes desired credit for the discovery and lashed out at Light-stepper. But Top-knot came between them, and, after giving it some thought, credited Two-stripes for the discovery. This pleased Two-stripes, but, unfortunately for him, he let this get to his head.

End of the HuntEdit

After picking up the trail of the Xenomorph, the nine young hunters set off to collect their first trophies. Unknown to Light-stepper he was being shadowed by Two-stripes. Two-stripes watched as Light-stepper was attacked by a drone, Light-stepper defeated the creature, but at the cost of his right hand. This was the moment Two-stripes had been waiting for. Leaving Light-stepper for dead he cut the dead creature's head and hand off the body, he then mimicked battle wounds by pulling the claws over his skin. He then rushed to be rewarded by Top-knot, but to his horror two other hunters had brought Light-stepper to Top-knot. Top-knot knew what Two-stripes had done. As punishment he was sentenced to death. As the predator craft left the planet, Two-stripes was last seen stripped naked, weaponless, and trying desperately to escape a swarm of Xenomorphs.


  • Two-Stripes is the only Predator to date who tried to "cheat" during a hunt.


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