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Tusked Xenomorph
Biological information

Xenomorph Prime (presumably)

Physical description

Presumably similar to the Xenomorph


Presumably similar to the Xenomorph

Skin color

Black w/ red accents

Other information

Tusked Xenomorphs are a variation of the mainstream Xenomorph. They were the attack dogs of the Killer Yautja Bad Bloods.





Tusked Chestburster

The Chestburster, unlike other Chestbursters, is tusked similar to the adults. It emerges from a Human, meaning the Tusked Xenomorphs are not a host-dependent variation.

Adult FormEdit

The tusked Xenomorphs heavily resembled the standard Xenomorph, the main differences between the two being their anatomy and colors. While Xenomorphs are more insectoid in appearance, the Tusked Xenomorph affects more of a crustacean-like visage, particularly on it's head, which is neither domed or ridged, but plated. Though mostly black, reddish hues can be seen on their jaws, heads, hands, feet, tails, and dorsal tubes. The most notable difference are the tusk which jut out and down like a pair of mandibles.

In More Than HumanEdit

An infestation of Tusked Xenomorphs have overrun a giant necropolis trillions of miles from Earth on a planet named Chione.

In Three World WarEdit


Ryushi Queen accepting her new subjects

The Tusked Xenomorphs are used as hounds to assail the Human colonist the Killer Yautja have chosen as prey. After the Ryushi Hunters and Machiko Noguchi managed to capture and Native Queen Xenomorph however, the Xenomorphs abandon their loyalties to the Killers and turn on them.


  • The Tusked Xenomorphs may be less a subspecies and more a different breed, similar to how two different breeds of dog are still dogs.
  • The Ryushi Queen, a standard Xenomorph, accepts the Tusked variation without hassle. This may because her brood had all been killed and they were lacking a queen, elsewise the two would've been hostile towards each other and rivals.


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