Trophy belts are ceremonial belts left behind by Yautja to mark hunting grounds, in honor of successful hunts. They are typically constructed using trophies collected from prey, particularly skulls. They serve as a collectible item in the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator.

Trophy Belts on BG-386

Many trophy belts were left on BG-386 by numerous Predators that hunted there. When Dark arrived on the planet in search of the Young Blood Pack, he discovered these belts scattered across the surface. Many of the belts were concealed in hard-to-reach places, and required thorough exploration to locate.


  • Once the player has found all of the trophy belts in Aliens vs. Predator, they will unlock the trophy/achievement "Fortune and Glory".
  • Every Predator seen in the holograms projected inside the various Yautja ruins on the planet is wearing a trophy belt on their waist. It is possible some of the belts collected by Dark once belonged to these ancient individuals.