Trish Fontaine[4] was an intern assigned to the seven-man scientific team[5] aboard the United Systems Military vessel USM Auriga that successfully cloned Ellen Ripley in order to recreate the Xenomorph XX121 species.


Fontaine was posted to the Auriga as part of her internship. She was present during the operation to remove the Chestburster embryo from Ripley 8 and later accompanied the embryo to the growth chamber when it was housed during the early stages of its development.[6] When she discovered the kidnapped civilians used to breed the Cloned Xenomorphs were conscious during the implantation procedure, she angrily confronted Dr. Wren, who had previously informed her the victims would be sedated and oblivious to what was happening. When the Xenomorphs escaped confinement, Fontaine was captured and implanted with a Chestburster, ultimately dying as result of the creature's birth.


  • Fontaine is never named in the film; her name is taken from the novelization.
  • Fontaine's fate in the film is never explicitly revealed (although it seems likely she was killed). However, in the film's novelization, the survivors find Fontaine and several other scientists cocooned in a small Hive built by the Xenomorphs in a laboratory adjacent to the one where Ripley 8 was incubated, their chests torn open by Chestbursters.[2]



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