The Clan Of Elites, the most dangerous Predator clan known, are hand-picked by Elders of the clan for their courage in battle, their skill with their weapons, or simply because they can kill. Elites are normally only seen in Xenomorph infestations and are sent to clean up the infestation by any means.

The Trial

The trial consists of melee combat, and Plasmacaster combat. The Predator in the trials must first show his courage by looking at the Bio-Masks of the Elders. Once the Elders are outside of the Arena the trial begins. Xenomorphs are thrown into the combat arena as the Elites shout instructions at the Young Blood. The youngblood must survive the first xenomorph wave before using a Plasmacaster to destroy the rest of them. Once the Xenomorphs are dead, the Hunter, now an Elite, takes the head of a Xenomorph and unleashes his battle cry.


  • The Elite trial is the tutorial mission in AVP's Predator Campaign.
  • The trial is mentioned on AVP 2 but the player does not encounter it during a mission or cutscene.