Torin Prime is a planet in the Outer Rim, colonized early in the 22nd century and location of the Torin Prime Civil War from 2106 to 2108.


In 2106, a group of terrorist rebels, called the J'har, openly opposed the United Americas' local government placed over the colonies on the planet. That same year the J'har attacked the capital, taking the planet and killing all governmental functionaries of the United Americas or otherwise incarcerating them in concentration camps. The United Americas Allied Command feared such actions would encourage rebellions in other colonies, and launched an invasion on Torin Prime to liberate the planet. The UAAC had the advantage as some UA loyalist remained on the planet and started rebelling against the J'har.

Both Dennis Parker and Arthur Dallas fought for the United Americas. Dallas served in United Americas Outer Rim Defense Fleet as a pilot on the UAS Leviathan (out of Liberty Echo) and received the Sunburst Medal of Honor. Parker was captured by J'har rebels during the conflict and imprisoned at Concentration Camp GR-161 on August 1, 2107. He escaped on February 21, 2108 during the liberation of Torin Prime by constructing an EEV out of scrap. Following the liberation, Dallas was promoted to Captain, and Parker received an honorable discharge and returned to Earth.