Top-Knot was a Predator who debut in Aliens vs. Predator: Blood Time. He was the leader of a clan of nine Young Bloods.


Somewhere between Prey and War, Top-Knot takes over Leadership of Dachande's clan after the Predator is killed. Seeing that the human Dachande hunted with has been marked a Blooded warrior and is willing, they welcome her into the Clan. Though not as overt, Top-Knot has the same bigotry towards her for being a different species as some of the younger hunters do, only he mostly ignores her. He is tasked with securing a Queen for the seeding of planets for future Blooding rituals, something done successfully if not without a hitch.

Onboard the ship, bad blood arises between Machiko Noguchi and Shorty, something Top-Knot notices and later uses after Machiko offends Light-Stepper, a high ranked but young Clan Leader. He makes her fight Shorty to prove herself as true Blooded warrior, something she hadn't had to do before, and when she loses, he make her stay in the ship and away from the Hunt.



Top-Knot discovers Two-stripes

Blood Time seemingly takes place concurrent to War and Prey, as Top-Knot -- like Dachande -- takes several fledgling hunters out to test their skill against the Xenomorph. Just when it appears he has lost the trail, his party finds it and the group begins the hunt. At it's conclusion, Top-Knot must leave Two-Stripes behind once he finds out that the young hunter stole a trophy from a Yautja he thought was dying.





  • The name Top-Knot refers to the dreadlocks that are knotted on the top of this particular Predator's head. Historically, many Samurai warriors wore their hair in the famous "top knot" style, emblematic of their status in society.