Colonel Doctor Anthony "Tony" Crespi was a research scientist and a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was assigned to assist Colonel Doctor Paul Church on the Innominata space lab.



Crespi was once a Marine, sent on a mission with a group of other marines to provide backup while two marines armed with experimental Plasma Particle Projector weapons assail a Hive on Solano's moon. The mission goes sour, Crespi himself is almost done in by a Queen, but manages to escape. However, he does witness horrors that stay with him throughout his life, particularly in his dreams or, rather, his nightmares.

On the Innominata

Crespi is betrayed and badly injured by Xenomorph Trixie's acidic blood when he strikes the creature with a metallic object. He never makes it out of the maze, mercy-killed at his own request by Lt. McGuinness, who breaks his neck. His remains are kept by Church in a lab for experimentation.



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