Tolentino was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps from the USS Sephora. Tolentino was one of the Marines caught in an internal explosion aboard the USS Sulaco that occurred just as Corporal Winter was attempting to board the Sulaco from the Sephora via the umbilical. Although he survived the internal explosion, (with injuries) Tolentino ultimately succumbed to his wounds, dying as Private O'Neal was attempting to revive him.


Tolentino was one of the Marines sent aboard the USS Sulaco to investigate the ship. Tolentino was one of the several Marines injured in the internal explosion aboard the Sulaco that occurred just as Cpl. Winter was attempting to board the ship via the umbilical from the USS Sephora. During the explosion Tolentino was heavily injured and an object had fallen on him which Private O'Neal moved aside. O'Neal then attempted to revive Tolentino but he ultimately succumbed to his injuries. O'Neal then whispered dammit and took Tolentino's M41A Pulse Rifle MK2.


Tolentino was outfitted with standard issue M3 Pattern Personal Armor for protection; his armor was fitted with a TNR Shoulder Lamp attachment for illumination. He had customized his armor vest with a rose painted on the chest plate and the words "Stop and Smell me!" next to it. Tolentino also had a Combat Knife on the right side of his armor and a pouch with some grenades under it on the left. Tolentino carried Belt 3 on his waist and a pouch on his left leg. Tolentino also had a pouch on the left side of his left M3 Combat Boot. Tolentino also carried a M41A Pulse Rifle MK2 which was taken and used (quite a bit) by O'Neal after Tolentino's death.


  • After Keyes and Winter return to the hangar bay with the Sulaco's flight recorder Tolentino's body is gone.
  • Although it is quite obvious Tolentino is dead, his eyes still blink and his name is still displayed when looking at him.
  • Tolentino's M41A Pulse Rifle MK2 is glitched and when next to him is missing the underbarrel attachment, stock and side accessory rail, but still retains the trigger and entire trigger guard for the underbarrel attachment. When O'Neal picks up the Pulse Rifle it becomes a normal MK2 with grenade launcher rail and stock which disappears as O'Neal is hacking the hangar bay door then reappears afterwards. When O'Neal goes to help Romerio and drops it next to him the grenade launcher disappears again, the trigger for the grenade launcher disappears, the ammo counter reads 50 (even though it read 40 when next to Tolentino), the magazine is gone exposing the inside of the mag well, The stock disappears again, half of the side accessory rail becomes white-gray and the green cocking handle on the left-hand side of the upper receiver disappears.
  • Tolentino's TNR Shoulder Lamp glitches through the floor.