"Others dispute?"
Tichinde (from Aliens vs. Predator: Prey)

Tichinde[2] was a Bad Blood Yautja and a member of Dachande's clan. He took part in an initiation Hunt on Ryushi. However, when the group's ship was accidentally destroyed by Dr. Kesar Revna and their leaders incapacitated, the remaining students found themselves stranded and leaderless.

Tichinde took control of the group and led them against the human colony of Prosperity Wells, fighting both the colonists and the Xenomorphs they had seeded on the planet. The debacle ultimately led to the death of the entire Yautja party.

Tichinde was ultimately killed by Dachande for his treachery.



Dachande ends Tichinde's usurpation.

Tichinde is described as talking louder than the other young warriors. Of the three troublemakers, Dachande watches him the most, for the young male makes subtle defiant gestures at him, such as bowing but locking eyes with him instead of looking at the floor and flaring his mandibles at the Clan Leader; a sign of aggression. During training, he easily takes on Mahnde and in the ensuing adrenaline rush, tries to take on Dachande as well, but is soundly beaten.

Later on, as the hunt begins, an Ooman attack leaves Dachande badly wounded and the two blooded predators, Skemte and Warkha, dead. Stranded, Tichinde usurps Dachande's position as Clan Leader and leads his fellow un-Blooded on a revenge campaign against the humans, killing 'Aseigan — a dissenter — in the progress. Tichinde breaks several laws of the hunt, becoming a bad blood and leading all the rest who follow him in the same direction as he does.

Eventually, however, his pursuit of Machiko Noguchi leads him back to the thought-dead Dachande, whom he attempts to destroy once and for all. However, even recovering from grievous injury, the older predator is more skilled. Tichinde loses the fight in him when his mandibles are broken and tries to crawl away, but Dachande grabs a spear and pierces the base of his spine, killing him and spitting on his corpse.

Personality and Traits

Tichinde was a lot like Dachande when he was young: spirited and competitive, to the point where he challenged and tried to kill his own leader. However, Dachande claims the male lacked brains among other things, but he wasn't cowardly at least. Tichinde was murderous, callous and domineering, to the point where he killed his own kind then hunted down children, which are unworthy prey. Egotistical and ruthless, he cowered in fear when Dachande eventually found him again, but he would not die without a fight.

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