Tibor Helényi

Tibor Helényi.[1]

Tibor Helényi (February 18, 1946[2][3] - 2014) was a Hungarian artist who created the Hungarian poster for the 1979 film Alien. He is perhaps most famous for his Hungarian science fiction film posters, with the posters for the 3 first films in the Star Wars franchise — Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi being the most notable. Other films Helényi has created posters for are Close Encounters of the Third Kind and RoboCop (his last movie poster he made).

On May 31, 2015, many pieces of artwork by Helényi were auctioned by Budapest Poster Gallery via Live Auctioneers as part of their "Sci-Fi Posters - Tibor Helenyi Estate Auction".[4] Included in the auction were the oil on canvas Hungarian poster painting for Alien (lot 4, "Alien painted poster artwork", with a starting bid of $800)[5] and a copy of the Hungarian Alien poster. (lot 9, "Alien movie poster", with a starting bid of $240).[6]

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