• this has been brought before but i dont see any reference here on the engineer page

    the fact that the one from alien is basically....5 to 10 times larger than anyone on prometheus, while it migh have something to do with "perspective" i mean, how would it look an feel if they were that big?, some scenes would be weird also the sets would need to be way bigger, everything would look out of place and even some scenes in prometheus would be just ridiculous, but the fact that there is such a difference shouldnt be left without explanation

    i have a theory, we humans have people that are 1meter tall and some that go up to 3ms being 1.5 more or less the standar size, being the engineers the precursors maybe, they dont have genetical flaws associated with their size discrepancies, thus, they can have literal giants without being any genetical defect or illness associated to it, and fusing with their own suits and even technology, MAYBE, having adaptable "control chairs" could be perfectly possible, so a pilot that is that big(alse we have to take in account that the inside of both their ships and the temple had actually more space than they actualy..."needed" to move in, so maybe is something that exist, also, while all the holograms showed "regular sized" engineers as well as the upcoming movie....background ones...maybe is something thta isnt commn but isnt a problem and is actually taken in account by their civilization, and again, having bio-mechanical technology, adjusting it wouldnt be as difficult as we mighthave in here

    another theory, given that they have genetic manipulation skills(black liquid, the xenomorphs  and so on) maybe they have enhanced engineers, and mybe that was the case with the one from the first movie

    or a third one that woule be a mix of the above, bigger( but not as big as the alien's)  get their unique traits/advantages enhanced genetically?

    what do you think?

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    • Interesting theory.

      I suppose the engineers are the same sizes, despite the 7'0 actors who played the engineers in prometheus because Ridley knew CGI is too expensive and didn't want to focus on it too much,and having a 15'0 giant would be too complicated.

      The SJ was supposed to be 26'0,when the whole set was made it looked shorter than intended so they used kids in suits for some shots to make the whole set look bigger than it actually is.In the part when Tom Skerritt gets close to the SJ you can see the SJ being shorter than in previous shot with kids.

      Simmilar thing happend during the production of prometheus like I mentioned above.

      Jon Spaihts' draft had engineers as 15'0 beings.

      Damon Lindelof's draft had them 10'0-12'0.

      In the end they used 7'0 actors.

      People keep claiming that SJ is 15'0,I did a size comparison and 15'0 seems too much.When I resized it to 10'0,it looked more likely.

      Take a look at Tom Skerritt's head and SJ's head in this photo:

      Now have a look at this 10'0 engineer suit and a 5'5 woman:

      People from production of prometheus said that the engineers are 9-10 feet tall,even the official muthur site claims that if you type in the query "HOW TALL ARE THE ENGINEERS?"

      30 years have passed since the first alien,things changed.

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    • is that info even her eon the wiki?

      i dont remember reading anything like that, if it is in there then i apologize

      anyway, there is still a size difference, and whatever the reaosn is, there isnt an explanation IN-universe so there is still that

      also, thanks for the info, yeah the closeup shot really looks closer to the prometeus scale, maybe it was just for the "wow" factor 

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    • Apologies for not replying immediately.

      I have prometheus blu-ray 3 disc collectors edition and special features disc contains the documentary "Furious Gods: making of Prometheus" ,how prometheus was made from writing,shooting,editing,along with other things such as concept art,director/screenwriter/concept artist commentary,storboards etc.Very interesting stuff.

      As I mentioned above,in art gallery there are concept arts that were based on Jon Spaiht's draft,the rest of it focused on Damon Lindelof's draft.

      Heres one concept artwork that was made while prometheus was under the title Alien: engineers:

      Engy hypersleep

      Here,you can see the engineer is cleary over 15'0".If I measured him right, he is 18'11".

      The rest of concept art had engineers 12'0",10'0",9'0",8'0",7'0" etc.

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