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The Xenomorph's Gender

  • Has the Xenomorph's gender ever been confirmed in a concrete, canonical sense in this movie, or in any subsequent adaptations of this movie?

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    • Not really, no. But on one occassion it has been referred to as a she by Dr. Groves in the AVP game with Specimen Six, possibly because he knew that it would become a queen. Ash in the first film referred to it as "Kane's Son" but really it has never been offically recognized considering it doesn't really have an identifable genitalila. So, technically, it doesn't have a gender. Excluding the queen, but yeah it was never confirmed to be of one set gender. It's just an "it" sort of thing. 

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    • The only really solid source I've ever come across is in an interview with Ridley Scott from years ago where he says the Alien is a hermaphrodite.

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