The founders are a splinter group of humans, who had exiled themselves from known space in pursuit of a better life, they used three large fiennes classed ships to do so. The founders discovered a world that they dubbed Midsummer, and they discovered new lifeforms such as The Faze. The founders discovered a gel-like life form that has properties that can extend life and reverse aging for a time, members of the founders used this to extend their lives but after three centuries of doing so as well as fact they had become inbred due the limited gene pool they, the founders eventually became The Rage, a splinter group that had become mentally unstable and sought out Xenomorphs to weaponize in which they were successful. The rage's plan was to return to the human sphere and conquer it. The rage believed that they were forcibly exiled by humanity.

A few members retained the original's founders beliefs and formed a rebellion, but was ultimately put down and an android called General Jones took control of one of the ships Othello.

One member of the Founders, Wordsworth had ordered the synthetic Liliya to infiltrate the USS Evelyn-Tew and release the Xenomorphs as well as destroy the ship by inputing co-ordinates for the nearest sun.