The Book of Alien Original
The Book of Alien
Author(s) Paul Scanlon
Michael Gross
Publisher Heavy Metal Press
Titan Books (reissue)
Release date(s) May 1, 1979
May 29, 2012
Media type Paperback
Pages 112
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The Book of Alien
2012 reissue cover

The Book of Alien is a 1979 behind the scenes book covering the production of the film Alien, written by Paul Scanlon and Michael Gross and published by Heavy Metal Press. The book was reissued by Titan Books in 2012.

The book contains behind-the-scenes information on the film's production, with a particular focus on the conceptual design phase. To this end, it features a wealth of conceptual artwork from the likes of Chris Foss, Ron Cobb, Ridley Scott and H. R. Giger of the ships, locations and creatures seen in the film. The book also features behind the scenes images taken on the sets and during filming, accompanied by commentary from the various individuals who worked on the movie.

Publisher's Summary

Contains over one hundred sketches and behind-the-scenes photographs from the new Twentieth Century-Fox film Alien. Packed with interviews and commentaries by the artists and writers who brought you the hottest science fiction thriller of the century.

2012 reissue

In 1979, a movie was released that was to capture the imagination of the world, and become a science fiction classic... Alien. 25 years later, the Alien franchise is stronger than ever!

The Book of Alien is the definitive companion to the movie, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2004. Taking you right behind the scenes of the production, there are interviews with the key people involved, including legendary designer HR Giger and director Ridley Scott. Lavishly illustrated with scores of stunning design paintings, production art and film stills unpublished elsewhere, the book covers every creative stage, and graphically demonstrates just why the movie won an Oscar for its visual effects. Simply a must-have for any Alien fan.