Throughout Aliens versus Predator 2, the player can find background information on scattered notes, e-mails on computers and introductory messages at the beginning of each (sub)level. These offer detailed information regarding certain characters and events during the game. Notable subjects include:

  • Major McCain's log of the marine mission to LV-1201, as part of the Weyland-Yutani debriefing of the Incident.
  • Rykov's journal (part of W-Y Incident debriefing), providing insight into his hatred of the Predators and his plans with the Prince (it is revealed he plans to use the Prince as a carrier for a pathogen to wipe out the Predator race)
  • The events in the Primary Operations Complex during the six weeks between the Incident and the arrival of the marines, specifically the plight of security guard Joss Blaney and his group of ragtag security guards and convicts.
  • A journal, most likely written by Eisenberg, of the fateful first expedition to LV-1201, revealing that LV-1201 was discovered when Weyland-Yutani tracked the telemetry of the Derelict on LV-426. This section is notable for introducing the name of the Runner Aliens.
  • All sorts of intrige occurring amongst the scientists working at the Forward Observation Pods, with scientists asking the wrong questions mysteriously dying or getting transferred.
  • Scientific analysis of Predator techology and biology, as well as the Aliens, providing insight to the work of the W-Y scientists.
  • Foreshadowing of Eisenberg's reveal as a synthetic.

A large portion of the text logs is found during the marine campaign, and the Alien campaign features only the aforementioned introductory messages.

Marine Campaign

Unwelcome Guests

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix G: Major McCain’s Log

Hard landing. Dropship has sustained minor damage. Contact lost with Dropship Two and White Team. We’ll need the landing beacon o-nline before I’ll feel safe letting Johnson airborn again. That means Hall’s team is headed to restore the power core. Blackwell’s boys will make for the landing. There’s just three of them, but Harrison’s been lucky for me in the past. They call him Frosty for a reason. Cool under pressure.

  • Note 1

An e-mail on a discarded palmtop or PDA found right next to several human bodies that have been skinned by a Predator.


The lockbox code was AX72BY before the P.O.C. was overrun. Thank Blaney for the codes (bg) then get the guns and get back here. We made it this far, so whatever’s tripping the sensors isn’t all-powerful. Just another set of walls, man. We’re nearly out. A few more days and it’s rescue time, got it?


  • Note 2

A note posted at the outer gate of the building reached at the end of the first section of this level.

November 28

Gate closes at fifteen to sundown. You’re not inside – you’re on your own. That’s guards and cons – no exceptions. I play fair.


  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix G: Major McCain’s Log

Situation bad. Getting worse. Blackwell’s team tripped some kind of booby trap. Harrison was inside, but I think he’s alive. His A/V feeds are down, but his life signs are still coming through. I hope he can still hear me on the radio. Bottom line is we’re cut off from the landing now, so it’s up to him to get the beacon up and wave us home. He’d better hurry, too. We’re getting ghost readings on the trackers. Something’s out there – and I think it’s hunting us.

  • Note 3

An e-mail on a PDA found behind some boxes in the landing bay.

Date: November 28, 2230

Time: 10:30

Report: Joss Blaney

I told myself I’d stick to regs, but the chaos gets in the way. What’s to say anyway? The P.O.C. is dead. Don’t blame the Commander too much – nothing in the outflow should have caused that kind of explosion. Anyway, he died trying to fix it, and bought us time to evacuate the lower crew quarters. A lot of us went down with him, though. With just the handful of security I’ve got left, it’ll be tough to hold the both landing bays until Rykov shows.


  • Note 4

An e-mail on a PDA found in the basement leading to a generator, among some fluttering lV-1201 bugs.

Date: December 10, 2230

Time: 4:45

Check the generator thoroughly for gas and oil. If we lose this generator, we lose power to the rest of our sentry guns. Once you’re certain it’s good, initial on the list below and include the date and time. If you miss a rotation, you go half-rations. We have to be disciplined. Since Rykov and Eisenberg haven’t sent any help, we have to assume they’re in worse straights than us. There’s got to be a reason they can’t send help.


  • Note 5

An e-mail on a computer inside the control room for the landing beacon.

Date: December 15, 2230

Time: 6:20

Since Brown, Miller and Thabideau have vanished, everyone else will have to pull double shifts. When you’re at the transmitter, stay alert for regular patterns – anything other than static. We have to let the Pods know we’re still alive. They have to come for us.

-          Blaney

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix G: Major McCain’s Log

If I survive, I’m recommending Harrison for a medal. He pulled through for us, landing beacon and all. Unfortunately, security is still down. Until we restore security, this dropship feels like a beached whale waiting for the gulls to feed. Good news, if you call it that, the plans show a security station on a sub-level three- ten minutes run. Bad news is that I can’t spare the manpower. If we lose this dropship, no one goes home. I hate to send even one soldier, but security isn’t coming on by itself. Hope Harrison is a good fast runner.

  • Note 6

An e-mail on a PDA found in a small computer or storage room.

Date: August 21, 2229

To: Administration.

From: A. Eisenberg.

Re: Personnel transfer.

I regret to inform you that I cannot approve Dr. Maurita’s transfer back to Gateway. Due to his extremely time-sensitive research, he has elected to press on with his current duties.

  • Note 7

An e-mail on a PDA found in another room like the first one, next to a huge acid hole in the ground.

Date: October 9, 2229.

To: Administration.

From: A. Eisenberg.

Subject: New personnel.

Please prepare transportation for personnel arriving on the next supply ship. We should be receiving an additional biologist, two neurologists, and a physicist. We are all saddended by the loss of Dr. Maurita, but we must move on as a team. As such, I would prefer a minimum of salacious rumors, as they tend to unneccessarily excite or worry new personnel.

  • Note 8

An e-mail on a PDA found in the same room on a table right next to a stain of blood.

Date: December 26, 2230

Convict Release Form

Please fill in your reasons for releasing the aforementioned laborer:

I can’t believe I am filling this out. Fine. My reason is that Cheever, Kaplan, Pendleton and Murray are missing. No, dead. And it isn’t the bugs, either. I keep telling the convicts that it isn’t the damned bugs, but they’re thick-headed. They know that we’re running low on man power – that we’ll need them soon. Still Xavier, their de facto leader, knows better. I’ve shown him the blade marks and the plasma burns. He says he understands what we’re up against and why we’re going to have to stick together.


  • Note 9

 An e-mail on a PDA found in a makeshift bedroom under the previous room, on a matrass.


I’m sorry. If I had heard sooner, you know I would have done something. I wanted to shoot him, but there’s so few of us. The cons won’t work with us without Xavier. So there it is. I fliched. At least I came when I did – before it got too bad – will you forgive me? Will it help you if I say I can’t sleep since then. It’ll be okay though. Between Xavier and I, we’ll all get through this.


  • Note 10

 An e-mail on a PDA found in the control room where Harrison is first attacked by the Aliens.

Okay, Blaney. Stop ducking me. No more holding out. Mattingley told me that you know the combinations on the gun lockers in remote tunnel 2. We need those – now. We’ve lost another two cons – and don’t tell me they walked into the bug zone. You convinced me. Now back your word up.

  • Note 11

 The dogtags found right next to the dead guard in the bathroom.

Weyland-Yutani Security.

Joss Blaney.

Level 4.

  • Note 11

An e-mail on a PDA in the locker room next to the bathroom.

 Date: March 2, 2230

To: Administration.

From: V. Rykov

Re: Dr. Maurita

Dr. Maurita’s death will no longer be a subject of gossip. Morale is a security issue, so anyone spreading rumors will be dealth with severely.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix G: Major McCain’s Log

The Op is all wrong. Xenomorphs everywhere. Harrison woke them when he activated security. White Team reports the souther landing is still pretty clean though, so we’re going airborne to meet them. Johnson says the dropship can fly at least that far. That leaves Hall’s team, trapped. I told Harrison to come back, but the S.O.B. won’t listen. He’s gone after them in a corporate A.P.C. If he survives, I’ll decide wether I’ll write him up for insubordination. Big if.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix G: Major McCain’s Log

Based on Harrison’s report, I have declared Sgt. Hall K.I.A. as of eight thirty-two A.M. I will advance her name for a commendation. It feels like empty consolation. Soldiers shouldn’t die that way- torn apart from the inside. At least most of her team made it out, thanks to Harrison and his stolen A.P.C. White Team picked them up just beyond the P.O.C. perimeter and brought them back to the Southern Landing. We’ve dug in here, and the bugs have pulled back for now. So much for saving anyone here.

Collateral Damage

  •  Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix G: Major McCain’s Log

Despite casualties, White Team has secured the Southern Landing. Clearly, there are no survivors here. The Forward Pods  remain another question. Self-sufficient, if highly isolated, they could have survived. However, our attempts to contact them have failed. Either the landline is dead, or the Pods are. Either way, we’ll have to drive there- three hours by A.P.C. Let’s hope the famed Dr. Eisenberg gives us a better greeting than our last.

  • Note 12

 A PDA found in the tunnel system Harrison traverses, just beyond Containment Tunnel 1.

Transportation Handling Procedure 1011-C

Live specimens are not allowed within the tunnel network without secure, electrified containment systems. Larval specimens must be transported with a class-4 status field. Convict laborers must be accompanied by passive electronic restraints.

  • Note 13

 A note found in front of a door in Containment Tunnel 3.

From June 16-21st.

The Tunnel Access System will be closed for maintenance.

  • Note 14

 A PDA found in a generator room near Containment Tunnel 3.

To: Internal Security Protocol Chief

From: Dr. Eisenberg

Although I understand the need to discourage espionage, I think the latest measures go beyond prudent safeguards. By tying the security layer into the node protocol, you do prevent any unauthorized transmissions in the system. However, the data layer is by definition an open layer and vulnerable to attack.

The collapse of this layer could result in a cascade failure of the entire node tree – we’re talking a cold reboot, fifteen minutes down time. Given the hostility of this world, I would hate to be without protection for one minute, let alone fifteen.


  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix G: Major McCain’s Log

The good news: we have found survivors. Dr. Eisenberg and his head of security, General Rykov, greeted us on arrival – only they weren’t happy. Reportedly, Mother’s virus didn’t just take down the tunnel security. It also tore a hole in the Pods’ defense grid big enough for a herd of bugs to run through. They’ve had fatalities in the Pod and lost contact with a large archaeological team – two dozen scientists and laborers. I’ve offered to assist, starting with getting Harrison to restore contact to the Verloc. We may be needing her cold sleep chambers – for emergency evacuation.

  • Note 15

 An e-mail on the computer of Stiles, the technicial escorting Harrison to the F.O.P.’s external communication room.

To: All Personnel.

From: Internal Security.

In recent days, we have detected a number of unauthorized transmissions emanating from within the Pods. Let me remind you that internal communication transmitters are the property of Weyland-Yutani. All transmissions must be limited to R.F. space specified by company procedure NL783. Failure to comply with NL783 is grounds for criminal prosecution.

  • Note 16

 A PDA near the prison cell where Harrison is held.

 Date: November 27, 2230.

Security Transfer

Subject: Captain Jonas Richter

Transfer notes: isolate subject on Eisenberg’s orders. Maintain constant electronic monitoring. Release only on the doctor’s personal authorization.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix C: Training Manual

Consider using convict labor when planning high-risk planetary developments. Contrary to popular legend, convict escape rates are uniformly low. Frankly, the convicts have nowhere to run, and given their steeply reduced penal terms, escapees are trading a few years of danger for a lifetime of incarceration. Naturally, escapes do occur – but seldomly involving rational men. For this reason, escapees should be considered extremely dangerous. S.O.P. is to terminate with prejudice.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix G: Major McCain’s Log

Rykov assures me that the Pod’s security has been restored, yet the personnel remain nervous an edgy. I also heard warning klaxons periodically and reports that Deck 24 has been sealed due to an ongoing contaminant. The floors are evacuated and sealed until chemical treatments can be applied. No guards get hurt that way. Of course, this takes time. I pity the man who fails to get out in time. I can’t imagine being trapped in there with one of those things – not after what they did to Hall.

  • Note 17

A PDA found in the damaged hallway shortly before the Predalien attacks.

Date: December 3, 2230

Implant victim is very strong. These Predators are hearty animals. Biology appears compatible with Xenomorphology. Gestation moving into final stages. Chestburster already exhibiting unusual physiology. Look forward to seeing it full grown – behind glass of course.

  • Note 18

An e-mail on a PDA found right next to the scientist who gets dragged under the door opening and killed by the Predalien.

Date: October 16, 2230

Weyland-Yutani Physicians Report

Subject: General Vassili Rykov.

The General refused again to undergo a physical exam. I have reported this to Dr. Eisenberg, but he does nothing. I fear the General may be chemically dependent. He becomes jumpy and irritable on a regular cycle, disappearing momentarily to return refreshed. If I am right, his actions may place us all in jeopardy. The Doctor should act. In any event, I have voiced my concern – my hands are clean.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix G: Major McCain’s Log

Harrison is dead. Rykov’s lieutenant Dunya just delivered the news. In the aftermath of the bug attacck, a convict laborer jumped a guard. A flamethrower went off – then Harrison’s ammo belt. Somehow the convict survived. They are hunting him now. Dunya seemed especially intent on this. Obsessive almost. I shouldn’t blame her. From what Rykov has said, she lost her fiance when we took down the defense grid. I hope she finds the escaped S.O.B. and kills him. Maybe that will bring her some peace.

  • Note 19

 A PDA found inside a storage near the captured Predator (the protagonist of the Predator campaign).

Date: December 10, 2230.

Surgery to the forearm device has failed. Hard to explain. Medically, the specimen was very strong. Then, as the device was removed, pulmonary arrest occurred. Considerable evidedence of tamper-proofing within the machinery, but what kind of society would prefer its soldiers to die instead of being disarmed?

  • Note 20

 A PDA found in the control room of the facehugger lab (where Harrison talks to Tomiko for the first time).

Date: February 16, 2230.

Weyland-Yutani Specimen Collection Report.

Sixteen live eggs collected.

Team composition: six combat synthetics, four A5 models, one unimog.

Collection costs: two A5, one combat synth.

Note: material degradation has increased markedly in the last week. Egg collection will likely fall in the near term. Recommend tighter restriction on approved studies.

  • Note 21

 A letter found inside a locked cabinet near the egg pit.

To: Averil Monroe.

From: Dr. Berger.

I tried to talk with Eisenberg about this, but the topic left him quite cold. I guess he doesn’t get along with his father, or dislikes his father’s work. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

From: Averil Monroe.

To: Dr. Berger.

Your mentorship has been great, but the Hive is getting to me. I hear Eisenberg’s father runs the Synth research for W-Y and that he’s doing interesting stuff with neural imprinting into prosthetic limbs. Sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf – very exciting. Would you mind recommending me to the doctor?

  • Note 22

 An e-mail on a computer found after Tomiko tells Harrison to take the elevator (around where three guards are seen unsuccessfuly fighting off facehuggers).

To: Dr. Eisenberg.

From: Head of Archaeological Studies.

Although I know that General Rykov has no formal education in Xeno-technology, his insight into the Zeta site have been quite profound. Indeed, as Rykov speculated, Relic A1South appears to be an emitter of some sort, whose ultrahigh electrical frequencies are ideal for disabling electronic gear and, more strangely, induce momentary nausea. Whether this is an accidental side effect of some other purpose or whether A1South is a weapon is an issue that may never be answered.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix G: Major McCain’s Log

 ' Ten minutes ago, Dr. Eisenberg’s teams made limited contact with their espionage team. They are alive, but isolated. Eisenberg’s team is drawing plans for their evacuation now; I’ve put my soldiers at his disposal. Still, I am uneasy. Our communications are limited to our own radio channels. The Pod comms are isolated and encrypted – to deter industrial espionage – says Eisenberg. Apparently they had problems with sabotage as well – as if I don’t have enough to worry about already.

  • Note 23

 One of three notes posted on a wall in a central room.

 Jason’s received the latest Holo flick at Gateway. We’ll be viewing it here next Thursday at 21:00 for anyone who’s interested. (Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as last week’s!)

  • Note 24

 One of three notes posted on a wall in a central room.

Date: December 12, 2230

If anyone’s seen my cat, Mischief, wandering the hallways, please let me know. I know that we are very tense these days, but she means a lot to me. She’s been missing for two days now. I’d better not find her in one of those animal cages or there’ll be hell to pay!


  •  Note 25

 One of three notes posted on a wall in a central room.

The food’s labeled for a reason! If it doesn’t have your name on it, don’t eat it! Or, I’ll start slipping in some delicacies from Deck 14, if you keep it up.


  • Note 26

 A letter found inside a locker.

September 3, 2230

I’ve been here three weeks. Inside the Pods, I feel like I’m in a research vessel in orbit around Earth. Nice and safe. Sharpe has been kind since I arrived. Some things bother me though. I thought this place was strictly medical, but I wonder. I’ve met a physicist, Adam Post. He said he was studying the relics of Zeta site, which I first took to mean the Pilot ruins that run everywhere beneath the surface. He corrected me though – it’s a younger species, he said. Certainly not indiginous with powerful energy technologies. He added that the tech was much more powerful than what he’d been building for the “old wd”. Then he blushed and shut up. I’m sure he meant Weapons Division. I think he wanted to impress me and then realized I wasn’t supposed to know. Still, he was cute – so maybe I’ll forgive his warlike tendencies.

  • Note 27

 A PDA found in a locker.

January 1, 2231

New Year’s Day 

Hung over. Shouldn’t have admitted I’ve got doubts to D. She’s touchy. Come on. Marriage is big, right? I should be scared. I’m making a big promise, I say. From her face, you’d think I said I wanted to have an affair or hire a hooker or something. Just nervous. I’ll write her another note. She loves notes.

  • Note 28

An e-mail on a computer inside a private room.

Priority W-Y Email.

Date: November 24, 2230.

To: Dr. Steven Fowler.

From: Dr. Adrian Elliott.

Your last note has me worried. You’re not describing the same man I knew. Eisenberg wasn’t calm or methodical – he was arrogant and cocky, took big risks with his father to back him up. Other things, he was wimpy – got winded taking stairs. From your stories, he’s been on serious vitamin regimens or something. Of course, people change when they go through things like Expedition One, but that doesn’t mean you should work with them. Just my free advice.


  • Note 29

 An e-mail on a computer inside a private room.

Dear Alice,

In reply to your question, you know the rules – you may be my sister, but I’m sticking to public info. Safer that way. Rykov used to be U.S.C.M. – a General. Discharged after an incident on Korari – jungle planet. Messy afair, very badly injured, sole survivor. Told crazy stories about invisible killers. Lucky to get a medical discharge. Story is confused here. U.S.C.M. docs say Rykov broke his spine – suffered paralysis - but later, when he pops up in mercenary circles, his back seems fine. As a merc, his record is great but violent. He’s pretty free with looting too. Likes jobs where he won’t be supervised and can walk away with a bonus. That last part is rumor though. Quit that job and come home. I mean it. Now.

With love,

Your brother,


  • Note 30

 A computer inside a private room.

 Missing Persons Report.

Archaeological Expedition #425.

Unexpected Xenomorph activity. They aren’t usually active during the day. Distress call received at 3:15 P.M. Dropship security arrived  eight minutes later. Two synthetics recovered. Alison Waljer, Technician Class 1, Peter Graves, Technician Class 2, and Dr. Post, Research Lead, were not found.

  • Note 31

 An e-mail on a PDA found inside a laboratory.

Date: October 2, 2230.

To: Dr. Martin Sharpe

From: Dr. Betheny Clements.

Dear Martin,

I had to write you immediately. I think something is very wrong. My friend Adam Post was accused of misplacing, possibly stealing artifacts from his lab. I know he couldn’t have been because he was with me at the time, but his I.D. card shows him authorizing their removal. He thinks Rykov must be involved. I feel uncomfortable going to Dr. Eisenberg about this, but I’m sure he’d want to know. I think this is a serious security breach. Can you help?

  • Note 32

 An e-mail on a computer in that same lab.

Date: October 2, 2230.

To: Dr. Martin Sharpe.

From: Dr. Eisenberg.

Your friend, Dr. Clements, wrote me today. She misunderstands Rykov’s importance and cost. A policeman makes a fine bodyguard, unless you plan to rob a bank – and good bodyguards must be paid with one currency or the other. Control your team, or I will.

  • Note 33

An e-mail in a living room in the crew quarters.

Dearest Dunya,

My buttercup, sweetest of sweets, I missed you last night on patrol. At night, it is so hard to be without my angel. The thought of you arouses me. I shiver for you, yearn for you. My other half. My devil. My mistress, and soon, my wife. Remember me when I am away, and think of what we’ll have when I return.



  • Note 34

 An e-mail in a living room in the crew quarters.

Date: November 28, 2230

I tried to contact my brother at the Odobenus Station last night. No luck. I’m not buying this bit about the weather scrambling all comm. Something’s wrong at the P.O.C. – they’re just not telling us yet.

  • Note 35

 A PDA in the observation room looking over the lab where the Predator was being held.

Implant Accident Investigation 542.

Dr. Sharpe Presiding.

On the morning of October 4th, Dr. Betheny Clements failed to properly initialize the safeguard override system. As a result, a Stage 1 Xenomorph escaped into the general implantation area. Dr. Clements reacted to the warning klaxon too slowly. She is currently in cold sleep – however we cannot fully arrest the Xenomorph lifecycle. Her family has been notified.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing,

The Incident- Appendix A: Summary  McCain’s log is complete through his departure from the Pods and the commencement of Operation Savior. Their exact time of departure is unclear, but painfully evident that a difference of mere minutes would have meant the difference for the team.

A Long Detour

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix H: Comm. Logs

Okay, Harrison, I’ve got you as close as I can. The P.O.C. is locked up as tight as a drum. Assuming your White Team’s still here, you’ve got two choices. Stand in the courtyard or shout until they hear you, or head down into the outflow system. That should get you past the primary security net and into the Southern Landing. Or get you killed. ‘Course, I can say the same for staying here.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix H: Comm. Logs

Half way there. Listen, Harrison. Something’s up at the Southern Landing. White Team just went dead – the Verloc called asking our people if we’d taken down the communication link. We haven’t, but they’re still not answering. I’d hurry if I were you.

  • Note 36

A PDA found inside a locker on Level 2.

July 12, 2230.

Schaefer is all hands and no brains. I don’t know why I followed him here. ‘Course, no one mentioned the one-way transfer policy. I’ve got a better chance of meeting Prince Charming inside the Hive than I do getting paperwork signed to get me outta here.

  • Note 37

A PDA found inside the control room where Harrison turns on the sentry guns

Date: October 8, 2230

Dear Rick,

My friend at W-Y saw your name come through the auditor list. I wanted to tell her – yeah, Rick’s okay – except you’re not. The creditors are still calling, so don’t say you’re looking to clean up. If I never see your sorry ass again, it’s too soon.

Price of Admission

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix A: Summary

Tracking the Marine expedition becomes increasingly difficult with the commencement of Operation Savior, particularly in regards to White Team. From reliable records, it’s clear that shortly after the Verloc’s second dropship departed for the Forward Pods, White Team broke off contact with the Verloc. From this period onward, we are left only with uncorroborated testimony of a single low-ranking Marine. Given the events he descrives, we find it hard to accept his depiction as fact. Simply put, we need not introduce a third species to explain the destruction of the Southern Landing.

  • Note 38

A PDA found in a locker shortly after Harrison sees a Predator.

Date: January 5, 2231.

Synthetic Maintainence Office

Forward Pods

Monthy status report: I’m seeing continued deterioration in our A5 units, far in excess of their expected stability. One A5 pushed a human down the stairs yesterday. The unit claimed that it sensed Stage 1 Xenomorphy – but I found find no evidence. I can only speculate that the intense ionic activity here has created instability in its patterning. Unless of course, it just wanted to push him. God forbid.

  • Note 39

A message on a computer in the same room the PDA is found in.

Report Log

Date: January 6, 2231.

Syntry guns # 5 and # 6 failed again. If we weren’t in the middle of an Alien infestation, I’d say someone snuck in here and took the guns down. But that’s nuts. We’re lucky we found the problem guns before the bugs did.

Sgt. Porter

  • Note 40

A PDA found in the room where Harrison finds two skinned bodies and a console that he uses to get rid of some harmful electrical activity in the nearby hallway.

U.S.C.M. Encoded Transmissions

Received: January 6, 2231.

Re: Potential Medevac

Message confirmed from Doctor Eisenberg. Operation Savior has Commenced. Bubak and Dropship # 1 relocating to the Forward Pods in preparation for possible casualties.

Loose Ends

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix I: Scientific Journals

The Praetorian is the warrior of the Hive, tough, massive and ferocious. However, she is born quite humbly. Under the right pheromone conditions, runners and drones undergo a molting process extending over several years. During this time, the Xenomorph skin thickens and hardens. As the Praetorian enters a mid-phase, it emits its own behavioral pheromone, which in turn enrages the Hive. Most Praetorians die during this phase. One strong enough to escape will wander the surrounding environs until her shell completes its hardening. Then, with a shell capable of reflecting small arms fire and a temper to match, she will return to assert her presence in the hive.

  • Note 41

A PDA found inside the ammo storage after Harrison kills his first Praetorian.

Date: October 9, 2230.

To: A. Zagor.

From: C. Salsman.

What’s a guy got to do to get some T.L.C. around here? Richter said he and Elgyn thought Archturia was absolute heaven. Time for you and me to put in for some time off and check Richter’s story. Damn, I wish they’d fix the environmental controls. This heat is driving me crazy.


  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix H: Comm. Logs

Listen Harrison. I’m sending you down the old synthetic access system. It dates from the first studies, before the Hive learned to tear the synths to pieces. I’m pretty sure Eisenberg sent his synths down through one of these throughways, so the equipment oughta work. If they’re headed down – just hope they’re headed up. Once you find them, head up to the surface and I’ll coordinate the dropship evac. Good luck.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix V: Scientific Briefing

Once the Xenomorph population reaches a critical level environmental mass – we judged somewhere between a thousand and two thousand base-living-units – the Hive pheromones change. What we call Spreading begins – as Young Queens search out new territories. This is the normal state of affairs. Of course, should the Empress die – or even abdicate if such a thing were possible – one of the Young Queens would have to replace her. One can only imagine the fury and storm generated by such an instinctive and violent urge.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix A: Summary

U.S.C.M. Emegency Dispatch

McCain reporting.

LV-1201 abandoned. Casualties extreme. One dropship still missing. Evacuation failed. Recommend scrubbing further evac by the 6th Batallion. Primary Operations Complex has been overrun. Forward Observation Pods appear unsalvageable. Sensors indicate a massive rupture of the fusion reactor cells in the Pods. Likelihood of finding aditional survivors: negligible. Requesting medical intercept A.S.A.P.

Predator Campaign


  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix M: Rykov’s Journal

' I have seen enough. The Zeta site is not Pilot technology. The scientists have dated the artifacts found there. They are young – hundreds of years old at most. I recognize the carvings. It is my enemy. Returned. I should have anticipated as much. This land is too rich with trophies; it is perfect for their kind. Still, I will not fail this time. Although the scientists do not understand the full technology, they have already begun unraveling the strange gear. Given time, we will find their weakness. Given time.

  • Note 1

Part of a series of notes found in the W-Y underground outpost near the waterfall.

October 15, 2221

We have arrived. From now on, I’ll refer to Earth-dated notation for these logs although days here run short, while nights feel interminable. The air is thin. Just walking around causes people to strain. We’ve set up base camp in the broken lands south of the Hive. The synthetics have cleared the foliage and are currently adding a minefield and sentry gun emplacements. As I argued so often to the funding committee, human ingenuity conquers all.

  • Note 2

 Part of a series of notes found in the W-Y underground outpost near the waterfall.

November 7, 2221.

The Hive appears dormant. The remote rover has found Xenomorph traces but no active specimens. The synths have begun explorations. Many signs of the carrier species. We call them Pilots. Unexplained structures jut from the earth, and mysterious shafts vanish underground, all exhibiting the distinctive architecture of the ship from LV-426. Although these archaeological remnants come as little surprise – we followed the ship’s flight telemetry here, after all – I find it all a bit unnerving.

  • Note 3

Part of a series of notes found in the W-Y underground outpost near the waterfall.

November 15, 2221.

The synths have caught glimpses of Aliens smaller than those observed on LV-426. I have named them Runners. They stray great distances from the Hive, especially at night. We are careful to return to the observation posts as a precaution, but they appear uninterested in us. They appear to be looking for something. The Hive itself remains dormant. I believe this dormancy may be tied to the severe climatic conditions. Our initial analysis of the flora seems to corroborate this theory. But what are they waiting for? Cooler temperatures? Increased humidity? Or is it something else?

  • Note 4

Part of a series of notes found in the W-Y underground outpost near the waterfall.

November 25, 2221

The Runners remain a cipher. Yesterday afternoon, they abruptly attacked Weller, but have since returned to their prior desinterest in us. The attack may have been prompted by his proximity to the Hive. In any case, his death is a grim reminder not to let down our guard.

  • Note 5

Part of a series of notes found in the W-Y underground outpost near the waterfall.

November 27, 2221.

Our remote probes show that Runner activity is linked to increased pheromone discharge from the Hive walls along with extremely high frequency sound waves. Perhaps the covered cranium of the Alien operates as a resonance chamber: boosting, receiving and transmitting their ultrasonic communications. If so, the Runner must stay close to the Hive to maintain contact. With study, one might learn to duplicate their language, perhaps even replace their orders with some of my own. An entertaining story, at least.

  • Note 6

Part of a series of notes found in the W-Y underground outpost near the waterfall.

December 12, 2221.

The rockweeds bloomed today. If my theories are correct, this means an end to dormancy. McCulloch, our security chief, insists that we must withdraw to a safer vantage. Nonsense, I say. We are here to observe and collect data. We must witness the transformation.

  • Note 7

Part of a series of notes found in the W-Y underground outpost near the waterfall.

January 1, 2222.

Happy New Year. The Hive is awake. We are stranded. Last night, our perimeter defenses were interrupted by the most severe storm we’ve seen thus far. It was as if they knew, for within minutes, their drones swept through our encampment, slaughtering everyone in their path and crippling our dropship. McCullogh is gone. For what it’s worth, he was brave at the end. Brave and dead.

  • Note 8

Part of a series of notes found in the W-Y underground outpost near the waterfall.

January 10, 2222

End of the line. We made the run without a single casualty, but we’re all as good as dead. We have nowhere else to go. Not enough food, but more importantly, not enough water. Observation Post 4 has been overrun. The camera link shows it awash with Aliens. They swarm around the place, right up and over the emergency food stores. They seem to be taunting us, is it that? Do they know that we can see them? They don’t understand how resourceful we humans can be. Or at least how resourceful I can be. I will not starve.


  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix M: Rykov’s Journal

The attack has begun. Our modified E.M.P. grenades work. It is fitting that we use their own technologies against them. We have taken two of the creatures – I shall call them Predators. With surprise gone, I have ordered the teams to withdraw. It is one matter to sacrifice a scientific team as bait; it is another to throw my soldiers carelessly into the Predator’s path. We must not underestimate the killing power of these beasts.


  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix M: Rykov’s Journal

The teams have returned. I should say some have returned. We have lost many. What else could I do thought? They woukd have found us soon – I am certain – just as they may have found the P.O.C. Eisenberg will not hear of this possibility – he insists that the Aliens alone possessed the power to destroy the P.O.C. His imagination is too small. It will be his undoing. I will not make the same mistake; more creatures will come for their brethren. We must be ready.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix M: Rykov’s Journal

I told Dunya to take the first creature to implantation immediately. I wanted it do die slowly. I would happily kill them all for what they have done to me. They should have finished me when they had the chance and not left me broken. I do not make the same errors. Unfortunately, I was not as quick with the second. Eisenberg intervened before I could dispatch it. He wants it alive, for study. Again, he misunderstands what he holds. He doesn’t need to understand them. He needs to kill them.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix M: Rykov’s Journal

So, we have not taken them all. One comes for me. On my terms now. We track it through out cameras and sensors. I have studied some of the footage. Something about the mask draws my attention. Under magnification, I can just make out markings. They are difference from the masks on the other two – more ornamental. Different and yet familiar. I feel I am staring into my past – into the face of my would-be killer. Does this mean I have found him – my attacker from so many years ago? Or more likely, his friend, his brother – ha, perhaps it is no more than a brand like a logo on a shoe. No matter. I will think of him as my nemesis – and enjoy his undoing all the more.

Unexpected Allies

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix K- Scientific Records

Holding time: five weeks, three days. The Predator remains strong with high antibody counts and little fever. I am surprised at its resilience after our... tests. Based on the blood loss alone, it should be weak and sickly. Instead, sustained only by intravenous, the creature’s immune system resists all introduced strains. Still, our understanding of its physiology increases day by day. We have time now – to work without fear. Without weapons, the creature is weak – I should say without most of its weapons. Our surgeons are still reluctant yo attempt removal of its forearm bands. Eisenberg was not pleased with the death of the last one – no need to repeat that so soon.

  • Note 9

A PDA found inside a storage near where the Predator was being held.

Date: December 10, 2230.

Surgery to the forearm device has failed. Hard to explain. Medically, the specimen was very strong. Then, as the device was removed, pulmonary arrest occurred. Considerable evidence of tamper-proofing within the machinery, but what kind of society would prefer its soldiers to die instead of being disarmed?

  • Note 10.

A PDA in the observation room looking over the lab where the Predator was being held.

Implant Accident Investigation 542.

Dr. Sharpe Presiding.

On the morning of October 4th, Dr. Betheny Clements failed to properly initialize the safeguard override system. As a result, a Stage 1 Xenomorph escaped into the general implantation area. Dr. Clements reacted to the warning klaxon too slowly. She is currently in cold sleep – however we cannot fully arrest the Xenomorph lifecycle. Her family has been notified.

  • Note 11

A PDA found in a lab shortly after Ivan and Rykov are overheard.

Date: December 3, 2230

Research Log

I don’t know how this race could have missed out S.E.T.I. transmissions. They’re so obviously advanced. Maybe they ignored them for a reason. Rykov thinks they’re hunting us. God, I hope he is as paranoid as he seems. If these things want to kill us, all Rykov’s soldiers won’t be able to help us. That is certain.

  • Note 12

A PDA found in the lab where the Predator reacquires its hunting mask (as well as a net gun).

Subject: Hunter’s Mask

Notes: Extremely advanced. Compact refractive lense for adjustable field of focus. Real-time optical filtering and amplification. Directional microphone. Carvings on the helm match artifacts from the Zeta site.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix M: Rykov’s Journal

Perhaps I was wrong on Eisenberg. Perhaps the captured Predators can open the door to a final solution. After all, their physiology is not magical – they have hemoglobin – they require oxygen – they can die. One sickness, one contagion, one carrier. If I kill this one, they will return. Perhaps, there are other options.

  • Note 13

 A computer inside a lab where the Predator’s combistick and cloaking field generator are kept.

Subjec: Hunter Spear

Notes: Remarkable. Closer examination of the blade’s edge reveals an unknown method of craftsmanship. A magnetically suspended monofilament was my first choice, but it looks like something more. Whatever it is, it can cut through steel.

  • Note 14

 An e-mail on a computer in the lab next to the large research area with the dead Predator.

Date: December 15, 2230

Dear Paul,

Here’s what I could find. Looks like our General was a Marine at some point. I pulled some news net files on him. He was honorably discharged after a search-and-rescue mission fone bad on Korari. Everyone else died. He suffered multiple fractures along his spinal cord. The pictures show him in a wheelchair and talk about his paralysis. Something doesn’t match though. He walks fine now. Why do you ask?



  • Note 15 

An e-mail on a computer in a lab.

Date: December 16, 2230


What’s with the dear? You think I’m your granny? Listen, your data matches my suspicions. Rykov shattered his spine – my guess is on that expedition. He’s walking now though – which can mean just one thing: synthetic nerve adaptation. I dabbeled in the field at W-Y about ten years ago. Long term results were pretty sour, though. The host usually rejected the adapted ganglia without constant medication. Infections, swelling. Very painful. Even in the best case, the adapted nerves generated false memory, false stimulation. If Rykov played the guinea pig to this experi,ent, he’s in a world of hurt. He’ll be taking serious pain meds too – hardcore black market stuff. I’m not sure I want a guy in charge who’s addicted to opiates.

Just Paul

  • Note 16

A chat session on another computer in that same lab.

LBTK46: So, I hear you’re dating that Russian merc.

FEMTK8: So? What’s wrong with him?

LBTK46: Oh, come on, you know better than that.

FEMTK8: What’s that supposed to mean?

LBTK46: You saw what they did to Thomas.

FEMTK8: Well, Thomas has a big mouth.

LBTK46: Oh, so it’s his fault? Sure, he shouldn’t have mouthed off, but they could’ve just knocked him on his ass and walked away.

FEMTK8: All right, maybe they overreacted.

LBTK46: Overreacted? They broke his arms and legs in multiple places. :C TIFU IMHO can’t believe you’re dating a psycho.

FEMTK8: He’s not a psycho. He’s sensitive. He’s experienced things. Poverty, violence, danger. Stuff we can’t even imagine.

LBTK46: What, this place isn’t dangerous enough for you? Gotta hook ip with a psycho to get your kicks?

FEMTK8: I’m outta here.

LBTK46: So I guess this means you don’t wanna go out with me.

FEMTK8: Figure it out, asshole.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix M: Rykov’s Journal

 ' Damn Eisenberg. I should have killed the creatures when I could. Betweeen him and the clumsy Marines, I am surrounded by fools. No, that is not fair. I could have fought Eisenberg harder. I gambled that we could learn from the creature. Perhaps we can. With the creature’s blood physiology, a good team could fashion a proper solution. I imagine something similar to Anthrax 9. Without the risk of human infection, we coulf make it much more comtagious and longer lasting. If we can just catch it again, I will even have a host to carry home the death of its people.

Old Debts

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix M: Rykov’s Journal

 ' It has escaped the Pods, hijacking a dropship in flight. No human could have survived the crash, but it is hardly human. I pray the Xenomorphs will finish it, ot failing that, Dropship 2 could finish it if we detect it trying to reach its mates. Still, I cannot be too sure. I have ordered the team to evacuate – the medical data must survive.

New Target

  •  Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix M: Rykov’s Journal

 ' Ivan is dead; the artificial Hive has been breached. The creature has escaped; I have lost my carrier. Enough sadness. I have the report on the third Predator’s mask. It is unique – much older and more complex than the others. The scientists speculate the creature was either rich or royal or both. Given its youthfulness, I’d guess, a prince. With no ordinary crown. It is speculation, but I believe that the mask tracks their hunts – a tribal record book. If so, the mask may lead me to their homeland. Let me return the prince’s crown draped in a fabric made of death.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix M: Rykov’s Journal

 ' I have the mask. I am certain the creature knows. Fifteen minutes ago, the mask became active – most likely a response to some signal. Excellent. Let the creature come. Dunya and the team have copies of the blood work; they understand our stakes. One of us will surive. This fight will not end with me.


  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix M: Rykov’s Journal

 ' Dunya! Dunya! It is here. I have entered the Hive and it follows. If I kill it, I will head for the surface and the old Access Point # 3. If I don’t radio again, get out. You have my codes – the funds are yours. They are covered in the blood of the P.O.C., but you can wash away the stain. Create the weapon! Finish my battle.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix C: Training Manual

The Exosuit combines the firepower of a light armor vehicle with the maneuverability of a foot soldier. Against light infantry and insurgent forces, the Exosuit dominates the battlefield. Only a madman would challenge a combat Exosuit – and he would certainly not live to tell about it.

  • Weyland-Yutani Security

Alert Date: July 12, 2231.

Yesterday morning, our top W-Y biological weapons scientist was abducted from his quarters on Gateway. Thirty minutes later, the wife of our division lead at the New Brazil W.D. plant reported that her husband had not returned from his daily golfing. By the end of the day, W-Y confirmed three abductions and two missing persons reports. By all accounts, this sudden activity is not a coincidence, but a highly organized operation. Intel experts match the M.O. to that of the Iron Bears – however, it is well known that Vassili Rykov, the Iron Bear leader, died during the incident on LV-1201. Besides, at least one onlooker to the Gateway incidents described the team’s leader as a young, dark-haired woman. As we have yet to receive ransom demands, the motivation for these attacks remains hazy.

Alien Campaign


  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix C: W-Y Training Manuals

In laboratory conditions, containment fails less than one percent of the time. Most failures, when they occur, result in the escape of the first life-stage of the Xenomorph – the Facehugger. Facehuggers are remarkably quick and cunning, possessing an innate drive to avoid detection and to find an appropriate, isolated host.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix C: W-Y Training Manuals

During the second stage of life, the Xenomorph is at its most vulnerable. Even inexperienced teams can contain and eliminate the Chestburster with minimal loss of life. Unfortunately, during this phase, the Xenomorph displays instinctive caution, avoiding all contact. Worse, if given time, the Chestburster will eat, molt and grow into a full-sized drone.


  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix C: W-Y Training Manuals

Succesful Xenomorph containment depends on a single factor – tracking and locating the offending specimen. This is doubly true when dealing with full-grown drones or larger Xenomorph specimens. During the first twenty minutes of a Xenomorph contamination, mortality rates are twenty to thirty times higher than the later stages of contamination.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix C: W-Y Training Manuals

The LV-1201 Primary Operations Complex was designed with redundancy in mind. However, when dealing with Xenomorphs, no system is foolproof. Sufficient damage to the circulation and waste flow systems could create the conditions for massive Xenomorph infiltration. For this reason, security should flush any contamination upwards – towards the office and living quarters sections – despite the certainty of increased short-term fatality counts.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix A: Summary

 '''' Engineering studies of the Primary Operations Complex identified the primary outflow tunnels as the weak link in the P.O.C. defenses. However, these studies also concluded that nothing short of a bomb could breach tunnel walls and expose the P.O.C. to complete contamination. While catastrophic failure in the pumping equipment could have led to an explosion in the flow control system, this should have been small and contained. One can only conclude that either the analysis is wrong, or that someone wanted the P.O.C. to fail.


  •  Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix A: Summary

 ' Throughout the early morning, all evidence points to an atypically violent, but contained Alien contamination. At eight o’clock however, new security reports appear that refer to a second set of confrontations. Oddly, these reports contain no direct mention of Xenomorph involvement. However, one must assume that these were Xenomorph incidents as well, and not the work of some other hostile species.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix C: Training Manual

The flamethrower provides excellent firepower in all situations – against the Xenomorph this is amplified by the natural sshield it places between the security officer and the offending creature. However, officers should not overestimate their protection. If you cannot find your enemy, you cannot fight them.


  •  Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix A: Summary

 ' On January 6th at approximately ten P.M., the defense system of the Forward Pods collapsed due to a massive software failure. Records indicate some number of Xenomorph drones and runners entered the Pods during the fifteen minutes of downtime. These reports also mention the loss of Archaeological Team Omega, working at Dig Site # 12, near the Xenomorph Hive. We believe that the focus on saving these men – code-named Operation Savior – distracted Pod security from a more immediate threat.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix A: Summary

 ' Based on a crude analysis of the events at the Forward Pods, some have linked the loss of the Artificial Hive to Operation Savior. Such attempts to create poetic justice from mere coincidence should be summarily ignored. As if Aliens could have known of the Savior plans or have reacted intelligently to such behavior – clearly such theories stretch the bounds of even Xenomorph ability.


  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix B: Recovered Email

 From: Dr. Eisenberg.

To: All Personnel.

We have long planned for a Large Mass Specicimen Extraction (L.M.S.E.) targeted at the rarer Xenomorph species within the Hive. The loss of our archaeological expedition, while unfortunate, forces our hand. I have assured the Colonial Marine Major that the L.M.S.E. is the perfect operation to distract the Hive so that his team can rescue our companions safely. To eliminate confusion on this, forward any Marine questions to me immediately.


  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix B: Recovered Email

From: Dr. Eisenberg.

To: Auxilary Pod Landing Control

The Large Mass Specimen Extraction is proceeding well. We will not need to evacuate medical casualties. However, I feel that Gateway would provide a better site for further research on the Empress. McCain concurs. A dropship will arrive shortly. Please prep all teams for immediate landing and departure.


  •  Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix D: Dissenting Analysis

Despite overwhelming evidence, the committee on the Incident continues to ignore reports of a third species participating in the fall of LV-1201. Are we so arrogant as humans to assume that a more technologically advanced species than ours might exist and not wish to reveal themselves to us? They probably see us as bloodthirsty fools intent on killing one another, and wish to stay hidden until we have matured as a race and are ready to embrace their utopian ideals – Dr. Chris Lund

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix A: Summary

The fate of Dr. Eisenberg remains uncertain. Given the disappearance of the Verloc’s second dropship, we cannot state with certainty that the Doctor died on LV-1201. The possibility remains that the Doctor and at least some of his research specimens escaped from the final chaos. Company security remains very interested in his potential whereabouts.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix D: Dissenting Analysis

The conduct of this board towards the Eisenberg family borders on reckless. We refuse to ask the most obvious of questions and accept the most ridiculous answers. The medical explanation for Eisenberg’s recovery from Expedition One are frankly proposterous. The unburied innocents on LV-1201 deserve better than the whitewash perpretated by this commission.

  • Weyland-Yutani Debriefing, The Incident- Appendix A: Conclusion

Our sattelites at LV-1201 confirm that the Hive is alive. Nevertheless, the Forward Pods are clearly inoperable without considerable investment. Given our need for expedient progress on Research Project X11, we are recommending immediate reallocation of resources to Site # 3.

  • Final Note

Seen as the Verloc leaves LV-1201.

Remote transmission acquired. Boosting for outgoing research. Routing now.

The mule has been acquired. Package is en route.

E.T.A. – Unknown

Mission Complete

Extraction required. Priority status.