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Taser Web
Taser Web
Production information

Electrified net launcher[1]

Technical specifications
  • Electrified nets

Late 22nd century




The Taser Web is a rifle-like launcher weapon that fires an electrified net, designed for non-lethally restraining targets. It was employed by the United States Colonial Marine Corps and the private security forces stationed at Charon Base.[2]


The Taser Web resembles a typical assault rifle with an oversized, very large caliber barrel. Instead of bullets, it fires an expanding net that envelops the target, trapping them within without otherwise damaging them. This net is sufficiently strong to restrain a fully-grown Xenomorph and is also electrified, further reducing the target's ability to escape once caught. Although primarily used for trapping Xenomorphs, the weapon is equally effective against humans.


  • The Taser Web is somewhat similar in principle to the Yautja Netgun.



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