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"There is Tarkatan in you..."
Bo' Rai Cho, to the Alien (from Mortal Kombat X)

The Tarkatan Xenomorph[citation needed], known as Alien in-game, is a Xenomorph born from the body of the Tarkatan warrior Baraka. It, alongside the Predator, features as a downloadable guest character in the 2015 video game Mortal Kombat X.


T1rsz 1alien mkx render

Though the Tarkatan Xenomorph shares several traits in common with other Xenomorphs, it also possesses several noticeable differences in appearance when compared to more common variations.

Overall, the creature is bulkier and more muscular in appearance than typical human-spawned Xenomorphs. The typically elongated cylindrical skull is now far shorter, appearing more spherical in shape. The tubes on the creature's back are also shorter and it now possesses larger, more jagged, more vicious-looking teeth within its lip-less mouth as well as small spikes located around the Alien's face. These are a few of the more obvious traits inherited from its host. Perhaps the most notable trait of inheritance however are a set of extendable blades contained in sheathe-like appendages located along the Xenomorph's forearms; these are similar to the sword-like arm blades of the Tarkatan species, albeit the Xenomorph's are segmented instead of smooth.


In MKX, the Tarkatan Xenomorph has three different variations that alters the character's moveset and playstyle, as with all other characters in the game.


The Tarkatan variation focuses on the creature's arm blades and is the most aggressive variation of the three. Many of it's input moves are now replaced, instead of it's claws, with the usage of it's arm-blades that have longer range. It also gains a few Baraka-esque moves including one in which the Xeno will violently flail it's bladed arms vertically, slashing at the opponent. This variation bears the head similar to the Warrior caste.


The Acidic variation, as it's name suggests, prioritizes on the Xenomorph's highly corrosive acid blood. The acid blood seeping from it's tail can be propelled at the opponent, causing damage over time. It can also be used for long-ranged combat. Additionally, the Xenomorph gains a self-harm ability in which it will begin ripping and clawing at its skin, causing large amounts of blood to gush out onto the floor. If the opponent steps on it, they will take damage. Oddly, the opponent will not take damage to the acid blood that comes out of the Xeno when being attacked (most likely to balance out the character). This variation bears the head similar to a Drone.


This variation changes the Tarkatan Xenomorph the most in terms of appearance; it now gains a small head crest, resembling that of a Praetorian or Queen. This variation focuses on the Xeno using its brethren to assist it in battle. The Xeno can not only now call upon other Xenos to attack the player, (they fall from the screen and attack the opponent before crawling off) but also cause eggs to sprout from the ground. When the opponent is within range, the egg will open and a Facehugger will jump out and attach itself to their face, stunning them for a few seconds and leaving them open for another attack.


After defeating the final boss Shinnok, the Tarkatan Xenomorph had taken many inhabitants of Outworld to the Outworld Hive under the rule of the Outworld Queen, for harvesting. Emperor Kotal Kahn, realizing the threat the Xenomorphs posed, attempted to end the infestation with an all-out assault on the hive, his efforts however were in vain as he and his army were eventually overpowered by the Xenomorph onslaught.


  • Beyond the playable character itself, many other references to the movie Alien as well as Aliens are added to the game by the Alien DLC:
    • It's moveset includes multiple references, with many of its kombo move names being nods towards the first movie, including "Here Kitty, Kitty", "Lucky Star", "Zeta II", "Kane's Son", "Warning Beacon" and many more.
    • Additionally, the move "Bug Hunt" is a reference to Aliens.
    • The Alien's victory animation after a match involves it taking the opponent to a Hive and impregnating them with a Facehugger. A Chestburster later rips out of them.
    • The Alien's first fatality, "Killer Queen", is a direct reference to Aliens in which a Queen is summoned to impale the opponent with her tail, and then rip the opponent in half. The same way the First Acheron Queen decapitated Bishop.
    • During an intro sequence with Johnny Cage, he will shout out "Game over man!"
  • Winning against certain opponents can give rise to unique Chestburster variations, such as a Predalien being birthed if the opponent is the Predator, a chestburster with Tarkatan traits if the opponent is Mileena or if a mirror match is occurring and a chestburster with rock-like skin is birthed if the opponent is Tremor.



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