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Help me expand the Future section please.T-888 21:30, March 25, 2010 (UTC)

Not enough references to "Yautja"!Edit

Speaking as a lobbyist on behalf of YPAC (Yautja Political Action Committee), I'm concerned that the word "Yautja" is not used enough in this article. I think we might have left it out of two or three sentences. ;) BTW, "yautja" is not capitalized in the Perry books, it's used as a common noun similar to "humans", "rhynth", "jack-lizards"...---CadmiumX99 17:12, October 12, 2010 (UTC)

Admin Account Hacked Edit

Hi guys

I haven't been on Xenopedia for a long time. I founded this Wiki, and it's great to see how it's grown. I thought I should warn you that this account has been hacked (hence the sudden activity) and that since the current user has been granted administrator status you may want to check their credentials.

- CJ Foote (Colonial-marine32)


I know that a lot of people won't believe me, and I don't want to pick a fight, so I won't check any replies to this message. It's up to you guys. By the way, check out Wookiepedia's main page the same week that Xenopedia was created and compare the layouts (I ripped off the design). I hope that gives me at least a little credibility.

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