Head Lice

How are head lice the only indigenous life on the planet? How does that evolution work?

That's a good question, anyone know the source of that statement? If Fiorina was terraformed like Acheron (LV-426), might that explain the scarcity of life? Here's some stuff from the novel:
"No elegant arthropods skittered across the surface of that shadowy bay, no birds darted down on skilled, questing wings to probe the broken edges of the incoming waves for small, edible things.
There were fish in the waters though. Strange, elongated creatures with bulging eyes and small, sharp teeth...better perhaps not to peer too deeply into the origins of whatever ended up in the cookpot, as long as it was palatable. " (Alan Dean Foster,Alien 3 (novel)
"Microscopic parasites. Carnivorous arthropods. They're endemic to Fiorina. Fortunately they don't find humans particularly tasty...except for the keratin in our hair. For some reason they don't have the same appetite for fingernails. Wrong consistency, maybe. We just call 'em lice, and to hell with scientific nomenclature...turned out that anything stong enough to dent the parasites raised blisters on the skin" (Clemens to Ripley from Alien 3 (novel)

Anyone else feeling itchy?---CadmiumX99 06:15, August 2, 2010 (UTC)

DagobahDave comments: I don't know who added the bit about "indigenous" but it's not accurate so I've removed it. And they're not just head lice, according to the film. (Clemens says he'll give Ripley clippers to attend to her private parts.)