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Deceased as of January 22, 2219


Takahashi was a crewmember who was part of the crew of the Geryon sent on a 'salvage mission' on the moon LV-223.


Takahashi was part of the crew to land on the moon and begin exploring the terrain and are met with a lush jungle, bristling with strange alien life. They later come across a field of deceased mauled creatures and a lake of black goo. Takahashi and Weddel were scanning for high metal concentrations, with their devices reading that metal was all around them.


Takahashi besides Weddel.

Takahashi receives an intense metal reading again, and the crew encounter an old vessel from the colony Hadley's Hope located on the neighboring moon LV-426 — containing a horde of hostile Xenomorphs which they unwittingly unleash. A Xenomorph pounces on top of crewmember Lucy and begins attacking her. Captain Angela Foster orders Orrie and Takahashi to get the creature away from her. As Takahashi tries apprehending Lucy's corpse, Orrie shoots the creature, it's acid blood hitting Orrie in his helmet and Takahashi in her stomach. Despite the injuries, the two survive and the rest of the group retreat from the vessel.

Takahashi along with numerous other members were taken to the Kadmos to be treated for her wounds.

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Takahashi alongside Orrie, Hank and another crewmember aboard the Helios.

On January 22, the Kadmos was boarded by a Yautja hunting party. A group of cloaked Yautja entered the sickbay, whom Takahashi and many other wounded were residing. An alarm sounded, and Takahashi suggested that someone had gotten inside, the group decided to barricade the door. They were too late, however, and a horde of Xenomorphs let onto the ship by the mutated construct Elden broke through and began slaughtering the patients, whist Elden watched the attack from monitors. Takahashi during the panic tried crawling away but is later caught up by one of the Aliens and is promptly headbitten.