The Synthetic Showroom was an area located in Seegson Synthetics within the SciMed Tower aboard Sevastopol Station.


The Synthetic Showroom was an area near the reception of Seegson Synthetics in which clients could view display models of the Seegson synthetic Working Joe.

Suzanne Archer's corpse can be found in the showroom.

During Amanda Ripley's experience aboard Sevastopol, her exploration of Seegeson Synthetics eventually led her to being locked inside the showroom. After finding a switch that unlocked the entrance door, the display models suddenly jump into life and begin approaching Amanda, but not before she is able to run through the entrance door, it closing behind her. Amanda then stocks up on ammo and other equipment in Russel's "shop" whilst the Joes are heard banging on the door. The door eventually opens, leading her to take on a large wave of Joes by herself.