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The Symphony Of Hate was a project that Damon Eddington had originally conceived. In it, he wanted to capture the sounds of a Xenomorph and mix it in with his music.

With the project being approved of by the CEO of Synsound CEO Yoriku in an attempt to humiliate their rival company MedTech, Damon was paired with bioengineers Michael Brangwen and Darcy Vance who presented to him the Alien egg that Ahiro and his men had stolen from MedTech.

The Xenomorph Mozart was birthed after using the voluntary cult member Ken Petrillo as a host, and Damon became increasingly unstable over the course of the project, eventually throwing humans into Mozart's cell to acquire the right sounds the creature produced.

Mozart eventually escaped and killed Eddington. The Symphony of Hate project was later finished by Michael Brangwen and re-dubbed the Rage Symphony which was then performed in front of a live crowd. During the concert, Yoriku, who was in attendance, mused that he could make the Rage Symphony a hugely popular piece.

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