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Symbiotic Xenomorph
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Symbiotic Xenomorph




The Symbiotic Xenomorph variation is seen in the Tarkatan Xenomorph's ladder ending. They are based off of Ferra and Torr who are an unidentified symbiotic race.



This Xenomorph appears to symbiotic, a smaller "rider" Xenomorph sits on top of the a much larger, brutish "brute" Xenomorph, parallel to Ferra-Torr themselves, who are a unknown symbiotic species.

Rider XenomorphEdit

The Rider Xenomorph is much smaller than the average, 7 foot alien. It sits perched between the shoulders of the much larger of the pair. A small crest can be made out on it's head.

Brute XenomorphEdit

The Brute Xenomorph is much larger and bulkier than its rider or any other Xenomorph. It takes on a more gorilla-like stance, with it's huge forearms braced against the ground. It appears a bit more heavily armored and it's head is shorter.


  • Due to the symbiotic nature of the hosts, it may have taken just a single Facehugger to get two of these aliens.
  • During the Alien Baby brutality, the Chestburster jumps on and infests Torr, emerging from him and not Ferra. However, this could be because the game registers Torr as the 'main' Kombatant as fatalities and brutalities never affect Ferra.


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