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Superman vs Aliens TPB Cover

Superman vs. Aliens (originally known simply as Superman/Aliens) was a three-issue limited comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics and DC Comics from July–September 1995.

The series was written and drawn by Dan Jurgens, inked byKevin Nowlan, lettered by Bill Oakley and colored by Greg Wright. It was edited by Mike Carlin of DC Comics and Michael Eury of Dark Horse, and featured covers by Jurgens & Nowlan.

The series was collected in trade paperback form and released in June 1996, edited by Bob Kahan and Lynn Adair, featuring a new cover by Jurgens & Nowlan and a new introduction by writer Chris Claremont.

Superman Aliens Vol 1 1

Superman Vs Aliens Issue 1 of 3 Cover

Superman/Aliens was eventually followed by a sequel Superman/Aliens II: God War from May-Sept. 2002.

Superman Aliens Vol 1 2

Superman Vs Aliens Issue 2 of 3 Cover

Note: the title of the series is now referred to on the Dark Horse Comics website as Superman vs. Aliens.

In the overall Dark Horse cross-over comics line, it was immediately followed by Tarzan versus Predator: At the Earth's Core (Jan.-June 1996).

Plot (Warning: Spoilers)Edit

Official description of individual issues:

He came to earth in a rocket, a strange visitor from another planet. Now, years later, signals from space could be the beginning of a trail to his home planet Krypton. Can anything stop a Man of Steel from discovering his long-lost heritage? Can anything stand between a Superman and that which he longs for most? How about the most feared and deadly species in the galaxy?

Superman Aliens Vol 1 3

Superman Vs Aliens Issue 3 of 3 Cover

In the far corners of space, Earth's yellow sun is a distant memory to Superman. Without its nurturing glow, his powers are fading fast. Will they hold out long enough for him to save the domed city of Argo from an infestation of Aliens, or is The Man of Steel doomed to die amongst what may be the ruins of his long-lost Krypton?

Away from the nurturing yellow sun, his powers fading fast, Superman struggles to stay alive amongst the Alien-infested ruins of Argo. But the real threat isn't the Alien queen that's stalking him; it's the chestburster planted inside him! Can he beat the bug inside his chest, or is he doomed to die on a distant planet?

Behind the ScenesEdit

Writer/artist Dan Jurgens was one of the perrenial 1990s Superman creators at DC Comics, working most prominently perhaps as one of the creative team members on the famous "Death of Superman" storyline.

Editor Mike Carlin was DC's main Superman editor at the time and for years afterward, supervising work on the same "Death of Superman" storyline and numerous others over the years.

Inker Kevin Nowlan was also well known for his work at DC, but also for work on DC/Vertigo's The Sandman. He also previously worked in the Aliens/Predator universe.

Trade paperback edition introduction writer Chris Claremont is famous for his work with the Uncanny X-men for Marvel Comics, including his time as writer on the Dark Phoenix Saga and through the introduction of Wolverine, Storm and various other new members onto the team. He also wrote Aliens/Predator: Deadliest of the Species for Dark Horse.


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