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"You look like a sympathetic dude. My partner here needs an operation, but we're a little short on cash, if you know what I mean."
―The subway gang leader (from Predator 2)
Subway leader
Subway gang leader
Biographical information
Place of birth



Flag of United States American


Gang leader

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color



Subway gang


Deceased as of 1997.[1]

Portrayed by

William R. Perry


The subway gang leader was the leader of a group of petty street thugs that regularly preyed on subway passengers in Los Angeles in 1997.


The leader and his gang were harassing an unnamed commuter on the Los Angeles metro, attempting to extort money from him with threats of violence. When the commuter pulled a gun, the gang leader was unfazed, merely laughing and joking as his gang produced their own firearms. Unfortunately for them, a large number of other passengers on the train subsequently drew their own weapons, before the commotion was discovered by LAPD detectives Jerry Lambert and Leona Cantrell, who were themselves armed, initiating a tense stand-off. Before the situation could be defused, the City Hunter burst into the train, plunging the carriage into darkness and quickly slaughtering anyone who was armed.

The gang leader was one of the first to be slain, the Predator carelessly tossing his corpse aside after he failed to put up a worthy fight. His body was later strung up from the carriage's roof next to Jerry.



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