Colonel Stevens was a member of the United States Army and an agent for the Yutani Corporation.[3] He was the man responsible for the nuclear destruction of Gunnison, Colorado following the disastrous Xenomorph outbreak there in 2004.

Following the destruction of the town, Stevens recovered several pieces of Yautja technology and personally delivered them to Miss Yutani.


He was responsible for the Gunnison operation. He told Sheriff Morales to gather the citizens of Gunnison in the center of town for an airlift, but no airlift was planned. Instead the town was nuked to prevent the aliens from spreading any further after it became clear, that the National Guard could not do anything against them. After eventually receiving Wolf's Plasma Pistol, which he got from Dallas through the army, he gave it to Ms. Yutani for further study. Stevens "[knew] his Aliens",[3] and was perhaps involved with a Xenomorph incident prior to the infestation of Gunnison.


  • The role of Colonel Stevens was originally intended to be filled by Garber from Predator 2. However, when actor Adam Baldwin was unable to commit the part was rewritten.[4]
  • On card 78 of the Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem Premium Trading Cards, Stevens' name is changed to "Agent Jones" and Yutani is "Ms. Smith".[3]




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