Stalker[1] (or the Stalker Predator),[1] also known as Baby Boar[1] or Brother Boar,[1] was a Yautja encountered by Mike Harrigan aboard the Yautja Mother Ship hidden beneath Los Angeles in 1997. He was a member of the Los Angeles hunting party.


Stalker and his clan mates were absent from the conflict of Los Angeles in 1997. However, they confronted Harrigan aboard their ship after he defeated the City Hunter in a hand-to-hand duel. Seeing that Harrigan had won an honorable battle, they spared him, collecting the City Hunter's body while the party's leader Greyback honored the detective with an ancient flintlock pistol. Harrigan escaped the ship before the Predators left Earth.



  • A notable trait (and likely where he got the names "Baby Boar" and "Brother Boar" from) is his Bio-Mask, which is highly similar to Boar's.
  • The NECA Stalker Predator figure wears a pendant depicting his own Bio-Mask.




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