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"Domesticated" Warriors
Spliced Xenomorph
Biological information

Charon 13

Physical description

Presumably similar to Xenomorph


300-Several Tons

Skin color



Less Aggressive
Slight Phenotypical Variation

Other information


Notable Individuals


Other Names



Spliced Xenomorphs are an alteration from the highly aggressive, highly predatory standard Xenomorph. To make them more manageable, their DNA has been spliced with more docile, less predatory animals.


Spliced Xenomorphs appear very similar to normal Xenomorphs, to the point of being identical. However, it is in their behavior where they differ. Abusing the natural DNA Reflex of the creature, these Xenomorphs are spliced with sheep, llamas, cattle and other more docile creatures. Despite this, sudden movements and loud noises will presumably drive the creatures to aggression. However, they appear to be docile and even affectionate, one Xenomorph curling it's tail around the leg of Ernst Kleist. Normal Xenomorphs lack such affection, even towards their Queen.

The subtle genetic variation has produced seemingly a new dome design for the Xenomorph. One appears to be partially ridged, partially domed while the other has small tubes coming off the back of it's head and appears to be layered a lot like armor. The tail of the Xenomorph also seems to be less impressive than the stinger usually found on them.

The RogueEdit

Main article: Rogue (Xenomorph)

The "King" Alien

While lower classes of Xenomorph were easy to create after a period where failures outnumbered successes, Ernst simply could not successfully create the genetically complex creature that was the Queen Alien. After several months of failure John Cray turned him onto a difference idea, one that would lead to the creation of a "King Alien", a Queen Embryo pumped full of male growth hormones and robbed of the


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