Spliced Xenomorphs are an alteration from the highly aggressive, highly predatory standard Xenomorph. To make them more manageable, their DNA has been spliced with more docile, less predatory creatures. Alternatively, their DNA can be spliced with more aggressive, highly predatory creatures, with the intention of both weaponizing and mobilizing these creatures.


Spliced Xenomorphs appear very similar to normal Xenomorphs, to the point of being identical. However, it is in their behavior that differs. Abusing the natural DNA Reflex of the creature, these Xenomorphs are spliced with sheep, llamas, cattle and other more docile creatures which makes them, relative to the original strain, less hostile. Despite this, sudden movements and loud noises will presumably drive the creatures to aggression. However, they appear to be docile and even affectionate, one Xenomorph curling its tail around the leg of Ernst Kleist. Normal Xenomorphs lack such affection, even towards their Queen.

The subtle genetic variation will produced a new dome design for the Xenomorph while traits of the creature it is spliced with will show as well. A xenomorph spliced with a bull may look like your average xenomorph while it might be built more like a quadruped and have horns protruding from its head.

Alternatively, when splicing the Xenomorph's natural DNA with more aggressive and predatory creatures like baboons, elephants, rhinos, snakes and bears, they become wildly hostile while actively displaying obedience to their creators.


The Rogue

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The "King" Alien

While lower classes of Xenomorphs were easy to create after a period where failures outnumbered successes, Kleist simply could not successfully create the genetically complex creature that was the Queen Alien.

The breakthrough came when Kleist incorporated human DNA in the hybridization process, using genetic material taken from John Cray. The result was the Rogue, an enormous and hugely powerful male Xenomorph "king" that it was hoped would act as a tame counterpart to naturally-occurring Queens.