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"No, Dr. Groves, I want it alive. I like this one."
Karl Bishop Weyland, regarding Specimen 6 (from Aliens vs. Predator)
Specimen Six
Specimen 6
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Killed an Elite Yautja
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Specimen 6, also known as Number Six or Six for short, was a Xenomorph Warrior (and later Praetorian and Queen) bred on BG-386 by Dr. Groves and his Weyland-Yutani research team. Six was the first Xenomorph on the planet to successfully escape from its containment facility and it was directly responsible for the release of the Xenomorph Queen also held there, thereby triggering a large scale outbreak on the planet. Six is the Alien playable character in the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator.

Unusually smart for a Warrior, Specimen 6 was instrumental in the propagation of the Xenomorph infestation on BG-386, and in defeating an Elite Predator was directly responsible for the creation of the BG-386 Predalien. Six was later recaptured by Weyland-Yutani, only to escape again and take revenge on Dr. Groves.


Growth and experimentationEdit

Specimen 6 was birthed in a controlled environment at the Weyland-Yutani research facility on BG-386 by Dr. Groves and his team. Having gestated inside a human host (a restrained technician), Specimen 6 was born directly into a containment tube, just like the other Chestbursters that had been collected at the facility. However, when scientists entered the room to retrieve the creatures, Six burrowed back inside its host's chest and emerged from the man's mouth to escape captivity. Dr. Groves promptly activated the emergency coolant systems in the room, killing the scientists and subduing Specimen 6, but the infant Xenomorph was spared at Karl Bishop Weyland's insistence, who was impressed with its intelligence.

Six was placed in a secure harness and branded with the number "6" on its forehead. Over time, Six developed to maturity and was subjected to numerous tests by Weyland-Yutani designed to explore its lethality, including being allowed to kill technicians and an armed security guard. During one such test, Six heard the call of the captured Matriarch and attempted to escape, but was gassed and recaptured by Groves.


"All facility staff, this is Dr. Groves. We have experienced a containment breach. Try to stay calm and follow procedures. I assure you, everything will be alright."
―Dr. Groves, during the Xenomorph outbreak (from Aliens vs. Predator)

When Weyland finally opened the Yautja Pyramid located beneath the research facility, a powerful electro-magnetic pulse was unleashed, shutting down all power in the research complex and consequently allowing Specimen 6 to slip out of its restraints. Six immediately escaped into the facility's ventilation ducts and quickly freed more of its siblings from another nearby holding facility, before the Xenomorphs moved to the large lab where the Matriarch was being stored, seeking to free her. Six killed the guards and shut down the power to the Matriarch's restraints, before opening the main tramline doors, allowing it and the other Xenomorphs to escape into the jungle before Weyland-Yutani could respond.

Overrunning the colonyEdit

The Xenomorphs made their way to the nearby Freya's Prospect colony, where the Matriarch set up her Hive within the ore refinery. Six and the other Warriors moved into the colony itself to harvest the colonists and eliminate the security forces there. A force of Colonial Marines soon arrived on the planet to combat the rapidly spreading infestation, and Six encountered soldiers armed with M260B Flamethrowers in the sewers beneath the colony complex.

With the colony's residents all used as hosts for more Xenomorphs, Six moved into the surrounding jungles, disabling the Marines' communications network and infiltrating a Marine outpost there to slaughter those inside. While a group of Marines managed to successfully trap Six inside one of the office units, Six smashed the lights in the room and hid in the shadows, escaping when the Marines moved in to investigate. Inside the outpost's command bunker, Six harvested more civilians and manipulated the controls to the rear gate to make its escape. Acting on the Matriarch's orders, Specimen 6 next made its way to the ancient Yautja ruins on the planet where it encountered and defeated several Weyland-Yutani Combat Androids guarding the entrance to the Pyramid.

Creating the AbominationEdit

With the androids destroyed, Six and several of its siblings were set upon by two Young Blood Yautja in an ancient Combat Arena and a brutal battle ensued. Using stealth and guile, Specimen 6 killed both Predators, an act that caught the attention of Wolf, a Yautja Elite. Six and Wolf fought in single combat, the latter seeming to have the upper hand for most of the fight. However, the Yautja somehow managed to knock Six in the head, stunning the creature. Weakened, Six fell to the ground, playing dead, allowing Wolf to get close enough for Six to launch a surprise attack with its tail, impaling him. Collapsed and at Six's mercy, Wolf could not defend himself as Six removed his Bio-Mask and allowed a Facehugger to latch onto his head.


"No, don't kill it. This one's an old friend."
Karl Bishop Weyland, upon finding Six paralyzed (from Aliens vs. Predator)

Praetorian 6 molting.

Knowing that the Predalien would soon emerge, Six gave a cry of victory before heading back towards the Hive. However, en route to its destination, Six was overcome by neural pain as the Matriarch was slain (killed by Rookie) in the refinery. The crippled Warrior, paralyzed by pain, was subsequently captured by Combat Androids under Weyland's orders, and was taken to an orbiting starship for further study.

Some time later, Six had escaped once more, evolved into a Praetorian, built a new Hive and successfully cocooned Dr. Groves. With its nest established, Praetorian Six evolved into a new Queen, and gave a monstrous roar of victory for fulfilling revenge and rising to higher position in the Xenomorph hierarchy.


Specimen 6 was the sixth Xenomorph to be bred by Dr. Groves and his team at the Weyland-Yutani research facility on BG-386. Shortly after birth, it had the number "6" branded into the front of its head. Specimen 6 at first appeared to be a normal Warrior with physical traits typical of the caste, but it later evolved into a Praetorian and later still a Queen. In becoming a Queen, Six shed its original carapace and lost the number branded into its head.

Six exhibited physical behavior typical of a Xenomorph, particularly with regards to its unquestioning servitude to the Matriarch. It was capable of moving quickly across walls, floors and ceilings with equal ease, and could leap large distances to rapidly attack prey. Its combat abilities were advanced, as seen when it successfully defeated several Predators, one single-handed.


"Number Six... I remember this one. Mr. Weyland thinks there might be something special about it..."
―Dr. Groves, about to commence the tests on Specimen 6 (from Aliens vs. Predator)

Even at the time of its birth, Specimen Six displayed heightened intelligence not found in most other Warriors, burrowing back into its host to avoid capture after birthing and emerging from the chest cavity into a container.

As an adult, it frequently displayed advanced situational awareness in excess of an average Warrior, often cutting power to vital systems or destroying light sources to lure or disorientate its enemies and give it an advantage in combat. Later, during testing in the research lab, Dr. Groves comments that Six's tactic of hissing to lure unwary humans closer is a "strong indicator of intelligence". He also takes note of Six's tactic of destroying lights, musing, "a new stratagem?"

It is not clear whether Six's intelligence was a precursor to its ultimate transformation into a Queen, or whether its heightened intellect merely ensured its survival until such a point as it evolved into a higher caste.


  • Six is the only protagonist in Aliens vs. Predator never to visit the Pyramid beneath the research labs.
  • The character model used for Six's host in the opening cutscene reappears (with different clothing) as a generic civilian NPC throughout the campaign.
  • The vent that Six emerges from at the start of the level "Ruins" is the same one that Connor is pulled into in the Marine campaign (assuming he survives in the ruins).
  • Specimen 6 is a multiplayer skin in the game, available only to players who pre-ordered the game.
  • It is possible that Six turned into a Queen as a result of its exposure to the Royal Jelly in the canisters that it destroyed throughout the campaign. Another theory is that it is simply a result of age; evidence given for this theory is the fact that in total, five Praetorians appear in the game (one is fought by Dark, three are fought by Rookie, and finally there is Six in the Alien campaign epilogue) while at the start of the game, Six and four other Xenomorphs are seen escaping from the research complex.
  • Specimen 6 is one of the few Xenomorph Warriors that has been shown to metamorphose into a Queen.
  • Several clues throughout the game seem to imply Specimen 6 was originally intended to be a Praetorian for at least part of the playable campaign:
    • If the player looks at Six's shadow in the jungle mission, you can see that Six has the head crest of a Praetorian, contrary to Six's appearance in all cutscenes, although it is possible this is just a glitch.
    • Also in the jungle level, a Marine states, "Look at the size of this bitch!" when referring to Six, implying it is larger than a typical Xenomorph, again contrary to all cutscenes.
    • Specimen 6 appears to 'change' throughout the game, with notable differences to its feet and tail as you progress in the story.
  • Despite there being at least six Xenomorph specimens bred by Groves' team, Specimen Six is the only one to be branded with an identifying number. This is likely because the developers simply felt it was unnecessary to specify each and every Xenomorph, especially as doing so would require a distinct character model with a different number for each individual.
  • According to the proportional image, Specimen 6's original name was Alien Six




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