"Body Slice Frenzy"
Special Bonus Mission description

Special Bonus Level logo.

Special Bonus Level is a Predator Special Bonus Mission in AVP: Evolution, unlocked by collecting all 6 secret items found throughout the game's Predator missions. The mission is a parody of Fruit Ninja, with the fruit replaced by Aliens, Predators, humans and androids.


The goal of the level is to gain as much points as possible by slicing ragdoll models of Aliens, Predators, humans and androids, but only when you are told to do so. You will be instructed which faction to cut and slicing any other faction will result in a loss of points. Eventually, it will tell you to slice "Everyone" at which point slicing any faction will result in points. Your finger is used to cut the targets in half, and unlike Fruit Ninja, only one finger can be used as the blade at a time.


Angry Mob Games, the developer of AVP: Evolution, released a preview of the mission on their YouTube channel April 24, 2013.[1]


  • The timing when the targets are thrown sometime matches with the music.
  • When an Alien is sliced, its acid blood will spray on the wall and it will appear as if the blood is eating through it.
  • The Weyland-Yutani Corporation's logo is on the wall.


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