Spartan was a Yautja Elder and the Clan Leader and eldest member of the Elite Clan.[1] Spartan often oversaw the training of Young Blood Predators within his clan, and it was he who dispatched Dark, Wolf and one other Elite Predator to BG-386 to investigate the disappearance of the Young Blood Pack there.


Teaching The Next Generation

During the 2100s, Spartan and a clan of his Elite brothers were on an unknown planet, possibly Yautja Prime, to test a Young Blood who has chosen to face trials for the rank of Elite. At the trial site, the Young Blood leaps into an arena below. Seconds after, the three Yautja Trial Overseers uncloak themselves. Spartan tells the Young Blood to prepare himself for the trial and to first observe his surroundings by acknowledging the presence of his elders. The Young Blood first glances at Wolf and then turns to Hunter, before finally acknowledging Spartan himself. Spartan then cloaks himself and releases a pack of Xenomorphs on the Young Blood. The Young Blood capably defeats the "serpents" and is congratulated by Spartan. Spartan then gives the Young Blood a Plasmacaster, one of the most powerful weapons in the Yautja's arsenal. After the Young Blood masters the Plasmacaster, Spartan releases another horde of Xenomorphs on him, The Young Blood succeeds in dispatching all Xenomorph attackers and makes a trophy of the last one. Spartan informs the Young Blood that this is his first trophy of many to come as his time as an Elite. Spartan then welcomes him to the clan, and announces such to all clan members present. Two more Elites uncloak and inform Spartan that a group of Young Bloods that were hunting on BG-386 have sent a distress call and Spartan orders the Elites to head to their ship.

When the Yautja ship arrives at the planet's atmosphere, it destroys the USS Marlow, and three drop pods launch from the ship to the area where the distress signal was transmitted from. The newly-christened Elite, now known as "Dark", begins a search to discover the fate of the Young Blood pack, and ensure Yautja technology does not fall into the hands of the human colonists of BG-386.


  • Spartan is a multiplayer skin in the game, unlocked when players reach Rank 31.
  • When Dark approaches the entrance to the Yautja Pyramid on BG-386, Spartan states, "This is history here, right in the very stone. He is here, I am sure of it." This shows that Spartan is aware of the Ancient Predator entombed within, and knows the history of the planet.
  • During the battle between Dark and the Predalien in the Pyramid, Spartan repeatedly refers to the creature as an "Abomination". While all Yautja consider Predaliens to be such, Spartan continuously refers to it in a particularly hateful manner, going so far as to call it an "affront to Yautja ancestry".
  • As with the other Predators in the game, Spartan's name is taken from his multiplayer skin, as he is not named in singleplayer.



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